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"I will go anywhere to find him"

"If it harms none, do as ye will"
"Get out of here"
Original Artwork by Jan Grigereit for exclusive use of The Devil's Zone!
"A little shoe leather goes a long way"
"Brotherly Love, or is it?"
The pictures in this Zone were done EXCLUSIVELY for this Zone and may not be duplicated or copied in any way!!
This and other pics can be viewed at The Tribes of the Moon. This pic is made excusively for this Dungeon and may not be duplicated.

FACTS: Height: 6'10" Tall Weight: 328 lbs DOB: 3/24/61 Origin: Death Valley

Finishing Moves: Set-up: Chokeslam Finish: Tombstone Piledriver

Alias' : Undertaker Cain the Undertaker Punisher Morgan Mean Marc Callous Texas Red Master of Pain Dice Tagteams: skyscrapers

When the Undertaker was introduced into the WWF he was feared by every superstar. He seamed unable to be beaten. He had the power of the Urn, and of Paul Bearer behind him. Things were that way for about 2 years then something happened Paul Bearer decided that he has had enough of this and left the Undertaker, when he returned he brought with him the Undertaker's "worst nightmare" or so it seemed.. The Undertaker would never fight his "little" brother, he would soon find out that it was in his future to fight Kane, but only after Kane and Paul Bearer would stuff him in a casket and set it on fire, and send the Undertaker to the depths of Hell... Where he consuled his parents, and came back to the WWF with a vengence...a fury like no other before him...

With the reunion of the Undertaker and Paul Bearer the Undertaker seemed to have something on his mind and that was to destroy his younger brother Kane... with the wheels set in motion, so started his reign of terror in the WWF, he would stop at nothing until he got to Kane and Destroyed him, along with that came the shocking revealation that it was none other than the Undertaker who set the funeral parlor on fire some 20 years ago...

1/11/99 It has been a long time coming, However, The Master of the Ministry has made his apprearance. It was Sooo Celtic, I LOVED IT.. It is about time he made his true, dark, intentions known. He arrived after the Throne of the Ministry appreared.... and everything took on a very dark, atmosphere... the arena filled with smoke, and out comes the druids. or acloytes, as they are called now, Brought out the body of Dennis Knight and the Undertaker did an Incantation and then proceeded to slice his wrist. The blood ran from his wrist and into a goblet. And with the incantation the Undertaker made Dennis Knight drink the blood and the Undertaker gave Dennis a new name, and that name is Midian.. Now, with this, comes the formation of the "Ministry".. and who will be the next to join...?? If you notice, the pic next to this editorial, You are now looking at the "NEW" Undertaker. and It is PHENOMINAL!!!!!!

1/18/99 RAW is WAR the Undertaker came out again and told the world that he has come back with the revenge, that is deep and dark. He had Midian (Dennis Knight) to his right and Paul Bearer to his left. The Undertaker has vowed to slaughter his next sacrificial lamb at Royal Rumble. So he will be at the Royal Rumble. Who will be the sacrificial lamb? Well, the only way we will find out is to be there.. It was just so electrifying to see the way the "NEW" Undertaker has changed his ways. And has become very dark and mysterious..... Until Royal Rumble......

2/1/99 RAW is WAR Lights go out, BONG,BONG, Undertaker's theme comes over the loud speakers. Out walk Midion and Vescerar. Then out walks the Acolytes. Then the Lord of Darkness himself. Sitting on his Throne, shaped as the Undertaker's Symbol. Just sitting there looming over his Ministry. Keeping his evil eye on everyone. The match was against Midion and Vescerar and the Brood. The match went for the Brood, and then when it looked like the Ministry was in trouble, the Acolytes came to the rescue. Hanging GangreL was important. Why it was important we have yet to see. It was a gruesome site. The only time the Undertaker made his way to the ring was when he went over to push Gangrel off the edge of the ring, thus hanging him with a noose. Another match was with the Acolytes. At the end of their match, the Druids came out to lend a helping hand. It was revealed that the Druids were none other than the Brood. So does this mean that the Brood is in the Ministry. Well I believe so. And I also think it is about time. Now all I want to see is that Kane joins the Ministry.

Hell has visited the WWF on St. Valentines Day Masacre. It came in the form of The Ministry. The match was The Acyltes and the Corporation.. The corporation put up the Bossman and The Ministry took him. Literally took him. Away. After the match was over. I was a match like I have not seen in a long time. This Ministry is a force not to be reckoned with. There is no reasoning with them. The Undertaker the "Lord of Darkness" is stronger and more powerful than anyone has ever seen. He will show his true intentions. And with that we will tell you about what happened with the Raw is War........ 2/15/99. The Undertaker comes out with the Ministry. He informs the Corporation that he intends to take over the WWF.. and Vinney Mac is in for some BIG trouble. The Undertaker forces one of the Corporate team to come before him. The lucky contestant was Shane MacMahon. The Undertaker forces him to his knees, Shane begging for his life, accepts an envelope that the Undertaker had... The phenom informs Shane that he is to take this directly to his father. What was in the envelope? That remains to be seen. Until next time........R..I..P..
RAW is WAR 2/22/99 Now the owner of the WWF sanctions the match for tonight. It is to be another inferno match between the Undertaker and Kane. Kane came out ready to walk through the fires of hell. The Undertaker came out with a package for Vinnie Mac, who incidently was commentating this match. Throughout the match Vinnie was curious what was in the box. But not about to open it. Back to the match. The Undertaker was the dominating force in the ring. However Kane threw the Undertaker over the ropes and then decided to take the plung on top of UT. Kane got on the top of the ropes and went to jump on UT. He missed and hit the announcers table, and landed on the floor. Undertaker took advantage of Kane's inability to get up at that moment. Undertaker put Kanes foot on the fire, thus winning the match. In the mean time Vinnie Mac opens the mysterious box and inside he finds an old teddy bear. What was the signifigance of this bear? The Undertaker turns his attention to Vinnie. He follows the owner of the WWF to the ramp. At the ramp taking the bear from Vinnie, he holds the bear and Vinnie falls to his knees pleading with the Lord of Darkness. Wants his bear back. The Undertaker ignores the pleading Owner, and sets the bear on fire. He then tosses the burning bear on the ramp and goes back into the HELL he has come to know as home. Until the next time....R..I..P...
Raw is War 3/1/99 As you recall the Undertaker gave Vinnie Mac a surprise last week, well Vinnie Mac had a surprise of his own this week. In order for Mankind to prove himself so that he could be a second referee for the Wrestle Mania, Vinnie sanctioned a match for the Undertaker and Mankind, this week and if Mankind wins he will be a referee. The Undertaker obliges the match. The Undertaker's only thought was Vinnie.. and Mankind was only an obstacle. The Undertaker takes care of the obstacle and Kicks Mankinds ass. Then he goes after Vinnie. Well just as The Undertaker goes to tombstone the owner of the WWF, out comes Vinnie's surprise. Bossman! He comes out and billy clubs the Undertaker in the back of the knees. Then the night stick to the face. At this time the Owner of the WWF runs into the crowd, like the coward that he is. he is followed by the MINISTRY!!!! I guess this fued is long from over!!! Undertaker will you PLEASE, PLEASE recruit Kane for the completion of your Ministry!!!! Until Next time........ R..I..P..
RAW is WAR 3/8/99 this week opened with the Undertaker gave out his orders to the Ministry to persue his search for the Big Bossman. With success not on his side, the Undertaker's Ministry plowed into several matches making examples of innocent superstars to squeeze out the Bossman. Finally, in the parking lot when the Bossman arrived the army of Darkness, converged on him. They strung him to the Undertaker's cross, but he broke free from the ropes and jumped down. This sparked a corporation/Ministry mini battle royal on the stage. Then Pittsburg's finest comes out, and half of them suffer the blow from the Lord of Darkness. After that the Undertaker seems to have stood still, and allowed the police to arrest him. He then signaled the Ministry not to interfere. While this was going on Paul Bearer reached into his pocket and made a phone call. To whom was this call made to? The Undertaker was then put into the police car, Vinnie Mac was making an ass of himself. The Undertaker was then looking out and laughing with him eyes rolled back into his head. It was an evil laugh, one that would make me think that I would not want to mess with him. So what is the Undertaker up to now? We will have to see Next time on Raw is War.... Until then.... R...I...P...!!!!!
Raw is War The Undertaker was true to his word. While Vinnie Mac was running the show, with his son at his side, He and his ministry was at Vinnie's house waiting for "her" to return. Who was "her"? Vinnie was frantic. Calling the police, the police started laughing. Saying that they were watching them on t.v., and that they thought he was pretty funny... Well, Vinnie lost it. Unable to help his family. Feeling helpless, taking out his anger on Shane. The Undertaker vows to take over the WWF once again. During this time they were showing the Undertaker at Vinnie's house. Vinnie decides to call on the help from his destructor, Kane. Out comes Kane and while in the ring with Vinnie, Kane takes off his mask and reviels that it is actually the Undertaker in Kane's clothes. So who was the Undertaker at Vinnie's house? There are alot of questions that need to be answered in the next Raw.
WRESTLEMANIA- The Undertaker has a cage match with the boss man.. The dominate force in this match is, you guessed it the Undertaker. It didn't last very long. It ended with the Brood coming down from the rafters, on top the cage, throwing down a noose and the Undertaker proceeded to hang the Bossman from it. Now, we have not seen the Bossman since this. What is happening with him? Don't get me wrong I am not a fan of Bossman, I am just wondering if he is now the newest member of the Ministry.
RAW IS WAR Now you have just read the results of the WRESTLEMANIA, and the next night was just as exciting. The Undertaker promised Vinnie he would own the WWF. Now, he also promised Vinnie he would abduct one of his family members. So Vinnie being the "Smart" man brought Stephanie to that RAW. The Undertaker came out into the ring with his Ministry. He called Vinnie out to "Talk". Well, Vinnie took the bite and left Shane with Stephanie. While Vinnie was out with the Undertaker, Shane decided he needed something to drink or something like that. So there is poor Stephanie left alone. Remember I said that the Ministry was with the Undertaker? well, I left out the part where all was there except the acolytes. And that is who and how they got ahold of Stephanie. Vinnie realizing that something was amiss, he ran back to the office where Stephanie was, and no Stephanie. Vinnie went into panic mode. He starts yelling at Shane. Vinnie gets Ken Shamrock to go find Stephanie, now he also has a match with GangreL, ready to find out what happens to the "precious" Stephanie, Ken has his match with GangreL. He proceeds to try to beat it out of GangreL. True to the Undertaker, GangreL doesn't spill the beans. The rest of the brood comes out to help GangreL and gives Ken a Blood Bath. In haste the Brood runs when the lights come up. However, Christian doesn't make it away from Ken. Ken grabs him by the ankle and puts Christian in the submission hold and forces him to reveal where Stephanie is. Christian can't take the pain so he BLABS it, "she 's in the basement"! with that Ken goes to her rescue.... So now that Christian told where Stephanie was what is going to happen to him? That remains to be seen.
APRIL UPDATES: There was alot going on with the Ministry, the next week the Undertaker made Christian's life a living hell. He flogged him, then forced a match between the Ministry, the Brood and the Corporation.The following week the Undertaker told Vinnie that he may not have her yet but that because of Vinnie's insensitivity there will be another sacrafice. This time it was to be Ryan Shamrock. As they were preparing Ryan for the sacrifice, Ken was put into the trunk of the limmo. So that he could not interfere. The sacrifice was not of this world. It was very dark and demonic. The Undertaker blamed the sacrifice on the Head of the Corporation, Vinnie Mac. The following week they had a Ministry vs the Brood tagteam match. The Acolytes and Midian vs the Brood. The Ministry made another attempt to kidnap Stephanie. The Undertaker sent Midian to the Studio to do UT's evil deeds. Vinnie Tried to run over Midian. When he returned to the Undertaker unsuccessful, the Undertaker beat the living hell out of Midian. At the Breakdown pay-per-view Ministry got stephanie. The Undertaker stole the Limmo with the waiting Stephanie. The Next night on RAW MacMahon had the paperwork ready, it was signed by him giving The Undertaker 51% of the WWF. And the Undertaker said he wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin to deliver the Papers. Stone Cold refused. Vinnie in a desperate attempt to save his daughter, decided to make the delivery himself. While he was there waiting and the Undertaker had not shown up, He the Undertaker was already at the ring ready for the moment he would make Stephanie is DARK BRIDE! There were many interuptions during the ceremony, Everyone tried to stop it and no one could get through the Ministry. Up until this time Stone Cold refused anything to do with the helping of Stephanie. The next thing you know just as Paul Bearer pronounced the "UN" "HAPPY" couple dead man and wife, Stone Cold Steve Austin Comes to Stephanies rescue. He fights off The Undertaker and unties her. Just as he does this she jumps up and gives the rattlesnake a huge hug. As she is hugging him her daddy comes down the ramp. She then attaches herself to "DADDY". So what is going to happen with the Honeymooners?? Until the Next time RIP....
Raw is War 5/3/99 They started off the show. Triple H said a few words about the match with the Rock in the Over the Edge pay per view. Undertaker did the same with his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then Mankind, Test, Big Show and Ken Shamrock, all came out to the stage and interupted them and informed everyone that they have formed the new clicque called"Up yours". About 15 mins later the ministry came out again in force, with Shane pretty pissed off about the new "Up Yours" group. and he had totally changed the line up for the evening. The Undertaker had a match with the Big Show. After first not succeeding putting the Big Show down using ether, he then broke a baseball bat over his head, rendering the Big Show unconsious. Later in the show during a lumberjack match involving the ministry, Undertaker became involved with Stone Cold. And they exchanged blows, Until Undertaker threw him from the stage, rendering internal injuries for Stone Cold Steve Austin. We still haven't heard anything on the newlyweds. What is going on with that? This is so cool. I love what they are doing with The Dark Lord. But, when will they bring the brother's together? The big red machine needs to be in the Ministry. Think on it, OK? Until Next time.... R..I..P..
June Update: So where do I start? The Undertaker has had his hands in almost all of the past Raw's. He and his ministry has been reaking havoc on everyone, with the help of Shane McMahon. In the past Raws they have been showing the wedding ceremony with the Undertaker and Stephanie. Where are they going with that? 2 Raws ago they revieled the higher power. It was Vinnie Mac. But if you think about it they never revieled the Greater Power. Who is that? It is my belief that it is Kane. Anyway, The Undertaker is finally the World Champion. How long will he reamain the Champ? Last week Linda MacMahon stepped down from CEO. Before She did this she appionted Stone Cold Steve Austin as the new CEO. The WWF is going to hell in a hand basket, so to speak! Until Next time.... R.I.P.....

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