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  • Maternity Fashions & other products!

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    Welcome to my home based business MOTHER and CHILD.
    ***We are currently in the process of building a whole new site at our very own domain! The new URL will be
    Look for many new items to be added as well as some other great sections for sharing and learning. **
    I started this business determined to provide quality, custom-made affordable fashions for even the SAHM from one-income families... and to provide slings to help enhance the parent/child bonds. You can read a little more about Mother and Child at the about us page!


    NA-nee Necklaces

  • Does your little nursling fidget?
  • Does he "twiddle" or lift up your shirt?
  • Does she forget to nurse because she is playing with the fastner on your bra flap?

    These 36" long necklaces are a "must" for every nursing mom! Made of all wooden beads, the NA-nee Necklace will entertain your little one while nursing. Smooth surface on the beads make it nice for the young ones to "gum", but do not allow your teething "woodchuck" to chew on them. The NA-nee Necklace is at a perfect length for babies to reach while in the nursing position. The shapes of the all WOODEN beads will keep your little one focused on the yummy stuff!

    Below is a sample of a "COMBO STYLE" necklace - adult length, though actual necklaces will vary to meet your specifications. (Click on the image to see a bigger picture.)

    The NA-nee Necklace
    features non-toxic, natural wooden beads
    The NA-nee Necklace is strung on high quality cording and knotted every few beads for added security. Longer necklaces are available for an additional cost upon request.
    **As with any items worn on a child...nothing beats adult supervison to prevent choking or strangulation. Use your common sence and good judgement and these necklaces will prove to keep your nursling's attention. As with any item with small parts, these necklaces are not recommended to be worn by children under age three.

    Currently the Natural NA-nee Necklace is $12.00.
    The Colored Necklace (with accent colored beads--you choose 2 colors) is $13.00
    The Gingerbread NA-nee Necklace is $14.00
    The Combo NA-nee Necklace is $15.00

    ***Don't be suprised if your child decides that the NA-nee Necklace is now his/her favorite past time and wants to wear it! Don't worry, we've thought of that, too! You can buy a matching child-size necklace.

    Child Size Natural Necklace is $7.00
    Child Size Colored Necklace is $8.00
    Child Size Gingerbread Necklace is $9.00
    Child Size Combo Necklace is $10.00

    FYI, the term NA-nee is the term my daughter uses when she wants to nurse.. couldn't think of any better, more appropriate product name!!

    Be sure to return to this site soon to see addtional changes and even more new products!!

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