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# 0000 Flageolet Collection A rare and unique flageolet collection. 10 boxwood, 2 ebony and 1 stained fruitwood flageolets made between 1800 and 1850. All of them are stamped. 9 double flageolets, 3 single flageolets and 1 single flageolet with an extra flute head - interchangeable.

For Sale NOW
Rare and Unique Flageolet Collection
US$ Inquire

# 171 Anonymous, French, 1850s An attractive 1 keyed ivory mounted rosewood flageolet, one nickel key, 2 ivory rings and 2 ivory rings which are later replacements, one ivory ring is cracked, tiny hairline crack in the middle part, plays good, unusual ivory beak mount, overall length 34 cm.

For Sale NOW
US$ 450.00 1 keyed ivory mounted rosewood flageolet Early Musical Instruments, antique ivory mounted rosewood Flageolet

# 174 Butler, London, England, 1870s A rare ebony, single flageolet with an extra piccolo head, stamped: Butler, Haymarket, London and Dublin. 6 nickel keys, nickel mounts, original ivory beak, playable but needs new pads. One hairline crack each in the upper key joint, the flageolet and piccolo head ca. 3 cm which has no influence on the sound due to the metal liner. This instrument can be played as a flageolet or a piccolo, in original mahogany box, overall length flageolet 40 cm, overall length piccolo 29 cm.
US$ 500.00

Ebony flageolet that converts to a piccolo Early Musical Instruments, antique ebony Flageolet by Butler

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