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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - Asuka Daiki
Asuka Daiki

Asuka Daiki is a mini detective, hot on the trail left by St. Tail. Just like his father and Takamiya Rina, he is out to unmask this magical mastermind. Little does he know that his rival classmate, Haneoka Meimi, is her!
Daiki, who is normally called Asuka Jr., acts before thinking, but he really is an Einstein. And a cook as well- by living with his father he learned to make meals for the both of them. But, to top it off, he can go anywhere to investigate with the medal he earned by helping out the coppers.
Meimi does have a fondness for the mini brainiach, and he seems to return this love. But Rina always seems to get in the way, because she too has a soft spot for the chibi hunk. At least he never finds out who the Mysterious Thief really is!

Name: Asuka Daiki
Sex: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: August 12th
Star Sign: Leo
Blood Type: AB
Fav. Colours: Green
Height: 159cm
Weight: 53kg
Fav. Foods: Fried Fish Meat
Least Fav. Foods: Milk
School: Saint Paulia Gakuin Academy
Grade: 8th
Fav. Subject: Math & Chemistry
Worst Subject: None
Gemstone: Peridot

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