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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - Haneoka Meimi
Haneoka Meimi

Meimi is a cheery and optimistic girl whose mother was a kaitou long ago and whose father is a magician. Meimi, who takes up both sides, is perfectly fit for the job as St. Tail.
Her best friend is the nun-in-training, Mimori Seira.
Meimi also has a relatively close pet named Ruby, the hedgehog she wanted so badly, who she got after revealing the true burglar.
She admitted, eventually, to liking Asuka Daiki. Unfortunately, he is the mini detective who is trying to blow the bomb on St. Tail.

Name: Haneoka Meimi
Sex: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: October 29th
Star Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Fav. Colours: Pink & Blue
Height: 153cm
Weight: 43kg
Fav. Foods: Ice Cream & Cake
Least Fav. Foods: Cellery
School: Saint Paulia Gakuin Academy
Grade: 8th
Fav. Subject: Phys. Ed
Worst Subject: Studying
Gemstone: Opal

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