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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - Ruby

Ruby is the adorable little hedgehog. She is kinda like a brown ball of puff, almost always sitting on St. Tail's shoulder of palm. Sometimes she pops up in the magician's magic hat!
How did she come to be? Well, one day Haneoka Meimi saw her in the petshop and fell in love with her. She went to see her almost everyday, until she got permission from her parents to buy her. But when Meimi got to the cashier, he said she'd been sold already.
Luckily, when stealing back a diamond from a burglar, she saw her. When the master was arrested, St. Tail got to keep Ruby.

Name: Ruby
Sex: Female
Fav. Colours: Red
Height: 12cm
Weight: 130g
Fav. Foods: Walnuts
Least Fav. Foods: Watery Foods

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