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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - Mimori Seira
Mimori Seira

Mimori Seira is the funny little girl who is best friends with Haneoka Meimi. Although hardly anyone knows, Meimi is St. Tail, and Seira is out to help her.
Because she is a nun-in-training, Seira listens to civilians' problems and if they have to do with a burglary, she knows exactly who to call on. As you may think, stealing is stealing and it goes against the Lord's words, but these two peacemakers say a prayer and ask for forgiveness before each heist.
But sometimes Seira is naughty, and when Daiki and Meimi fight, she gets the real nuns to come in. Although the punishment may be a bucket of water, Meimi somehow keeps cool with her friend's actions.

Name: Mimori Seira
Sex: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: June 3rd
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: B
Fav. Colours: Pure White
Height: 152cm
Weight: 43.5kg
Fav. Foods: Grape Fruit
Least Fav. Foods: None
School: Saint Paulia Gakuin Academy
Grade: 8th
Fav. Subject: English & Music
Worst Subject: Phys. Ed
Gemstone: Moonstone

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