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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - Others

Here is a list of classmates and secondary characters who surround St. Tail's social life. If only we had manga pix of them, so you could see who they are. Enjoy!

She is explained as always having worn a red ribbon in her long hair. Also, she is a very close friend of Haneoka Meimi's, as being almost always mentioned throughout the story. Not to mention that she is included in most scenes.

She works at a fourtune-telling shop and was described as having medium length, black hair in two pigtails.

She is supposed to have short black hair, and we imagine her as Kyoko's sister practically. Again, seeing as she's included in the "group" and she has been mentioned various times, we concluded to her as being a very close friend also.

She is a girl in Haneoka Meimi's class who wears pigtails.

She is a year younger than the rest of our crew. She is, no doubt, cute and totally innocent, and she has a crush on Asuka Daiki.

He is described as having short blondish hair. He works for the school newspaper club and has a small crush on Haneoka Meimi.

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