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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - The Story
The Story

The story of St. Tail might sound boring to one when reading a brief (And we mean brief) Summary of itself. But if you are a major fan of shoujo, then this is a story you're bound to love. It's got everything from mystery and adventure to overloading doses of cuteness.

This story starts off with a girl named Haneoka Meimi who goes to Saint Paulia Gakuin. She's in grade 8 and her best Mimori Seira is becoming a nun. Everyone there seems to love St. Tail, except Asuka Daiki, who is a miniture version of his detective father. Little does anyone know that Meimi IS the Mysterious Thief, except Seira- who helps her out.
Taking up both her mother's heritage as well as her father's, Meimi has no problem escaping the police (Well, she is a thief, ne?). Alongside her is the adorable hedgehog, Ruby. After the rodent's master was arrested, Ruby was claimed as Meimi's.
Unfortunately, every story has their ups and downs, and this one has Takamiya Rina. Rina has a huge crush on Asuka Jr. and believes that by catching St. Tail, she could win his heart. This also gives her a chance to fulfill her dream to become a policewoman. Of course, because she knows Meimi's secret, she can manipulate her easily.

As one may expect, the anime is different from the manga, but the storylines are the same, and, for the most part, all the above is true for both versions. We hope to get the 7 manga of St. Tail, but for now we can only list the chapters and a few pictures.

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