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Kaitou Seinto Teeru - The Author
Tachikawa Megumi

In 1991, when she created 16 Sai no Tiara, she won Kondansya's Nakayoshi Best New Author Award. Afterwards, she published Yume Kui Annai Nin, one chapter in RunRun, and Hotto Taifuun, which had two chapters in Nakayoshi.
In 1995, she had Kaitou Seinto Teeru going, and it was turned into an 43 episode anime by Tokyo Movie Shinsha. The manga, which was published in Nakayoshi, finished with seven tankubon, even though some people say there's only five.
Of course, she still has small works like, Asagao no Portrait, Haru wo Yobu Orugooru, Kujira ga Tonda Hi, Hi- Fu- Mi and Manatsu ni Just Meat. You should check out our manga part for further details about which story comes with which tankubon.
We believe she is currently, or at least after KST, has started another work named Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara. The story is better known as, especially to Americans, Dream Saga.

Name: Tachikawa Megumi
Sex: Female
Birthday: February 22nd
Star Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Sports
Strong Point: Science
Gemstone: Amythyst

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