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DA Floyd's Academic Writings

Hi, my name is Duane Floyd...I am studying for a Master of Arts in Humanities degree. The major portion of my work toward that degree will be in the area of history. The degree will require many papers written on different aspects of history. Most will concentrate on North Carolina, but there will be others. The other papers will consist of writings and musings on important topics of history, some philosophy and possibly, some art, music or literature. For example...The Life of Joseph Stalin, The Age of Revolution, War and Human Experience (a blend of history, literature and philosophy), World Religious Perspectives.

Here is a first paper on history...Am I a Novice Historian it covers my first history experiences and what it takes to be a historian...I think that I understand the requirements, I just have to "start living it."

A second paper is now available... A Study of Historiography, Based on Carl G. Gustavson's "A Preface to History"...this paper examines a hierarchy that allows for a deeper study of history's social forces, causes, changes and continuations.

This third paper was written by my wife for an American history class that she was taking. The title is: An Overview of the Civil is a simple, straight forward review of some of the facts of the Civil War.

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