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Meet Justin Timberlake

Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Birthdate: January 31st 1981

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Height: 6"0

Nickname: Curly, Bounce, The baby, and Mr. Smooth

Family: Mum Lynn, Dad Paul. He also has two brothers. One named Steven and one named Jonathan.

Musical tastes: Boys II Men, Babyface, Brian McKnight, Take 6 and Blackstreet.

Fave actor: Brad Pitt

Fave Actress: Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan.

Fave TV Show: Friends

Fave Male Solo Artist: Brian Mcknight

Fave Color: Baby Blue

Fave Food: Pasta and Apple Jacks, or Captin Crunch

Fave Movie: Scream

Fave Word: Crunk(means Crazy or Cool...says it at the end of Giddy Up)

Hobbies: Basketball, singing, dancing, playing video games.

Drives: A Red Mercedez Benz

Fave Disney Theme Park Ride: Space Mountain

Interesting Fact: Justin was on the MMC (Mickey Mouse Club) when he was 12 and met fellow member JC Chasez there.

Want to see some pics of Justin? Click here

Ya'll wanted to Meet Justin times. (He is a HOTTIE)