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Sound Files

Sound Files

Below are some sound files from Ma Vlast. They are highlights only and in the format of MP3. I couldn't possibly have it in .wav format as they will be very big in size then, so I chose to encode it into MP3. The quality of the sound files I encoded are not very good; but still I hope you will enjoy listening to it. They are taken from two CDs, one is Kubelik, Supraphon and the other Pesek, Pilz.

Mà Vlast
I - Vysehrad 942 KB
II - Vltava 607 KB
III - Sarka 954 KB
IV - From Bohemia's Woods and Tales 711 KB
V - Tabor 1.65 KB
VI - Blanik

I will try my best to add a few more perhaps the First String Quartet and Libuse but you must understand that encoding takes a long time on my computer. Come back and check from time to time.

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