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Composer - Andrew Lloyd-Webber
Lyrics - Don Black and Charles Hart
Opened - 1989
Main Characters - Alex, Rose, George, Giulietta, Jenny

Plot - It is France in the late 40's. Rose is an actress and Alex, a teenage soldier, meets her after a performance, and asks her to come to his villa. It is actually his uncle George's villa, and he leaves his Italian mistress, Giulietta, to pay them a visit. Rose leaves Alex early without a good explanation. 2 years later Alex goes to visit George and finds Rose there. They spend a night together but when George is due to come back, Rose asks Alex to leave and he shoots her in the arm. Rose goes to Italy and finds George and Giulietta. She becomes friends with Giulietta and also asks George to marry her.
12 years later Alex sees Rose performing, now extremely successful, and she invites him back to the villa where George and their daughter Jenny are. Alex stays with them and a couple of years later Jenny has fallen in love with him. Alex resists her but George believes something is going on and has a heart attack. At his funeral Alex has a fling with Giulietta. Rose tells Alex she doesn't want him to leave, and he is caught between 3 women. The show ends with Alex leaving Rose to go back to Giulietta.

Songs (with marks out of 10) -

1.Love changes everything (10)
2.Montpellier theatre (10)
3.Parlez-vous Francais (10)
4.Seeing is Believing (10)
5.A memory of a happy moment (10)

6.Chanson d'enfance (10)
7.Everybody loves a hero (10)
8.She'd be far better off with you (8)
9.Stop, wait, please (10)
10.Entracte (10)
11.Leading Lady (9)
12.Alex and Rose (10)
13.Other pleasures (9)
14.There is more to love (10)
15.Mermaid song (10)
16.The first man you remember (10)
17.Journey of a lifetime (10)
18.Falling (7)
19.Hand me the wine and the dice (10)
20.Anything but lonely (9)
21.Finale (10)

(Average - 9.62, Overall score - 455)

Favourite song - Seeing is believing

Favourite character - Thats a toughie....Giulietta (they're all brilliant!)

Favourite lines -

"Off into the world we go, planning futures, shaping years. Love bursts in, and suddenly, all our wisdom disappears."
- Alex, looking back over his life, 'Love changes everything'

"Seems the stars are far below us, the moon has never felt this close before, our first dance will be forever, and may it lead to many more"
- George and Jenny, dancing at the villa, 'The first man you remember'

"If I could hear the music I heard then, I'd never let it fade away again."
- Giulietta, unlucky in love, 'There is more to love'

"Don't leave me!"
- Rose, realising that she wants Alex to stay with her, 'Anything but lonely'

Comment - Aspects of Love is the most beautiful and haunting music I've ever heard. It carries you away into all the deep and moving emotions of the characters. The melodies capture the feelings of love so perfectly. The score is gorgeous from start to finish, and I don't think it will ever be topped.

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