Spanish Lessons in Argentina.
Prof. Osvaldo Carnero
Private tutoring (Private lessons: face-to-face...or online...)
Come to Cordoba, Argentina... and learn to speak Spanish easily !! ... the Spanish spoken in Latin America a friendly, communicative atmosphere...
Or else, you can have SPANISH ONLINE LESSONS AT YOUR PLACE...using Skype with me! This is almost the same as having a lesson face to face! :-)

Osvaldo Carnero (right) teaching Spanish to Jason Turi (left), an American pupil from from New York...

Please send me an email to
You can also call me ... or WhatsApp me... at +543516268504
It will be my pleasure to answer all your questions... :-)

Postal Address:
Junin 3164 - San Vicente - (5006)CORDOBA - ARGENTINA
Home Phone: 54-351-4571722 or 54-351-4556126

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