Spanish Lessons in Argentina.
Prof. Osvaldo Carnero
Private tutoring (Private lessons: face-to-face...or online...)
Come to Cordoba, Argentina... and learn to speak Spanish easily !! ... the Spanish spoken in Latin America a friendly, communicative atmosphere...
Or else, you can have SPANISH ONLINE LESSONS AT YOUR PLACE...using Skype with me! This is almost the same as having a lesson face to face! :-)

Osvaldo Carnero, in Cordoba, Argentina, teaching Spanish online to Howard, in New York, USA...

Please send me an email to
You can also call me ... or WhatsApp me... at +543516268504
It will be my pleasure to answer all your questions... :-)

Postal Address:
Junin 3164 - San Vicente - (5006)CORDOBA - ARGENTINA
Home Phone: 54-351-4571722 or 54-351-4556126

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