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Sewage Sludge , General

Federal probe raises sewage sludge health concerns
Investigation finds too little research exists to protect humans from the viruses,
bacteria and toxins in the sludge spread on land

February 7, 2002
About time people realize that there are sludge victims !!
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Board OK's legal action against Mobil Dredging
2002 by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Sludge storage structure planned for farm
August 29, 2001, Lancaster New Era(?),by Marcella Peyre-Ferry

Sludge-Health Links Washington Post, July-Aug.2001

Enhanced Susceptibility to Infection From Exposure to Gases Emitted by Sewage Sludge: A Case Study
David L. Lewis, Samuel Shepherd, David K. Gattie,Susan Sanchez, and Marc Novak - Proceedings of National Science Foundation Workshop. College Park, Maryland. April 10-11, 2000


Sludge blamed for Inland ills: Muck came from Orange County
February 9, 2001

$ 1 trillion problem runs beneath U.S. streets, February 7, 2001

Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Website
for details on SLUDGE, including:

...Agricultural Beneficial Use of Sewage Sludge

...Municipal and Residual Waste

...For a series of graphs showing statistics on sludge,
please press here

EPA WEAKENS PART 503 SLUDGE RULES - 1999 - HEXAVALENT CHROMIUM - 12,000 mg/kg - okay in land applied sludge
Some Articles re Sludge Problems

in Virginia's "Culpeper News", April 2000
Audit shows EPA is not following own guidelines
VA Shenandoah Valley Herald, April 24, 2000, by Jane Etter
courtesy Helane Shields

...Also visit the Cornell Waste Management Institute
and take a look at their excellent:

Working Paper: The Case for Caution

"Recommendations for Land Application of Sewage Sludges
and an Appraisal of the U.S. EPA's Part 503 Sludge Rules"
by Ellen Z. Harrison, Murray B. McBride and David R. Bouldin
dated August 1997
Copies are available from:
CWMI, Center for the Environment,
100 Rice Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-5601
tel 607-255-1187; E-mail:

Also have a look at:
"Sewage Sludge: A New U.S. Waste Policy Emerges"
"Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly"
(POB 5036, Annapolis, MD 21403-7036)
unfortunately, at this time I do not have the first part, but here is:
Part 2, first page

a n d
Part 2, second page

A very good summary is presented by Charlotte Hartman, Coordinator,
National Sludge Alliance under the heading:
"Sludge as a Fertilizer an Idea Before Its Time" comprising:

page 1: What is Sludge? Sludge Disposal

page 2: Risk Assessment; Human Health Impacts

page 3: Background of the Part 503 Regulation

page 4: Pathogens

page 5:
a n d

page 6: Conclusion

.....NOTE: attached sources to follow
...example of available data on
..........composition of U.S. municipal sewage sludges
..........(thanks to K. Aubrey Hottell for reference!)

The Sludge Hits the Fan
Ch.8 in: Toxic Sludge is good for you

Sewage Sludge Home Page

...Pennsylvania Sludge Issues
..........Selection Page

Letter dated September 27, 1993 from Martha G. Prothro, Acting Assistant
Administrator, USEPA, to Hon. Gary A. Condit, re liability under CERCLA
when applying "biosolids":
...part 1

...part 2

...part 3

...Philadelphia Treated Sewage Sludge Disposal at Sea
..........Article by Ben Oostdam about Ocean Disposal of Sewage Waste in the 1970's
..........mainly for historic and environmentally responsible viewpoint
..........but please note CONCLUSION!!

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