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~Forever Unbreaking~

Our Love is like a book,
A fairy tale in the making.
The pages are the days of our lives,
And the title is,
"Forever Unbreaking"

Our Love is like a dream,
A memory you want to last forever.
It sticks in you mind,
Builds in your heart,
And makes you chase impossible endeavors.

I gaze and think of the memories;
I replay each one as the days go by.
And I ask myself what could I change;
The answer is nothing.
For I cherish each one.
The friendship I have found with you,
Is truely a blessing to me.

I treasure each memory.
As I gaze out my window,
I see a smile in the wind,
I hear the words pass by,
This is etched in my heart.
And it will be,
Forever Unbreaking.

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