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Nursing Excellence awards are granted to websites that show "best practices" in nursing and web design. We also rate the sites interaction with visitors both in and out of our profession. It is the only internationally rated web award exclusively for nursing sites.

To view the winners, click on any of the awards to the right. Sites in all three levels are a cut above the rest.

This award is for nursing webmasters who are setting the defining standards of how our profession should interact with the world audience. Warning, this is a very hard award to win. The criteria employed are rigorous and second to none on the Internet.


Nominations are received in one of two ways. Awards may be granted to sites that we find while surfing the web. Or sites can be nominated using the application form. Either Way, the standards are the same.

Nursing Excellence Gold Award
90-100 Points
View Winners

Nursing Excellence Silver Award
75-89 Points
View Winners

Nursing Excellence Bronze Award
50-74 Points
View Winners

Please read the judging criteria before applying. You will find useful information that may make the difference between winning an award and not.

Who Are We To Judge Your Site?

We are nurses with a passion for our profession. We are also site designers and while we may not be the best in the world, we know it when we see it. In fact we agree, we wouldn't give ourselves the gold award.

We are from different nursing websites. We felt is was time for a highly rated web award, solely for nursing sites. We apply standard testing criteria for each site we visit. Scores from the judges are tallied and then an average and final score is achieved.

So, are you ready to read the criteria? Yes

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