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My Humor and Health Links!

Always Under Construction...More Links Coming Soon!

Humor Links

Quotes Of The Moment (Steven Wright)
This Guy pulls off The Impossible......He's bizarre enough to make me look normal!
Quotes Of The Moment (Deep Thoughts)
For those of us into philosophy.....
The Heaven's Gate Parody Page
A vicious full length parody that somehow manages to make more sense than the original!
People Against Poodles
This site provides valuable info about one of the gravest challenges to face humanity. The battle rages on! Bad doggie.....
How To Drive Like A Moron
A wickedly funny (and all too true) manual for the truly moronic driver. Thanks to my NG buddy Doc L for this one...

Health (Or lack Thereof) Links

American Heart Association Home Page
I gotta confess; until I became "Cardiac Guy", I never really gave these folks much thought. Since then, though, I've learned a bit more. These people do good work.
U.S. Organ Donation Page
Ever since I was legally able to decide for myself, I've been an organ donor. Now that I'll soon need one myself, the subject's taken on a far greater meaning to me, of course. This site has some great information and links. If you haven't made the decision to become a donor, by the way, please consider it; for millions of people around the world, there simply couldn't be a more meaningful gift.
The Nicholas Green Foundation
You may remember the story. A few years ago, this poor child's parents turned an utter tragedy into a triumph; by making a selfless decision, they were able to extend or dramatically improve the lives of seven others. I hope you'll visit this site; if you don't, though, I still hope you'll take a moment to read "A Message From Reg Green".
National Ataxia Foundation Homepage
The NAF is the premier Research and Support group dealing with Ataxia in the United States....
Ataxia Northwest
Not our Northwest! This is a site from the U.K. which does a great job of explaining why so many guys named Foster walk and talk kinda funny....
Sleep Apnea Information
And you guys thought my snoring was just obnoxious......
Drug Database By Trade Name
For those of us who have had better living through chemistry thrust upon them.....

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