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Thanks for taking the time to stop by. You're almost certainly not going to agree with at least some of what's here. That's okay; I put this together, and I don't agree with everything. In the aggregate, though, what's here represents a good deal of what I do believe in. I believe this country has moved away from one of the basic ideals upon which it was founded...Limited Government. I believe that, in the words of Thoreau, "That government is best which governs least". That being said...

The Blue Ribbon Campaign For Free Speech Online
I disagree with many thoughts expressed online. The right to express them, though, both online and anywhere else, is basic to our way of life, and must constantly be protected.
The Libertarian Party Homepage
Kinda self explanatory, I guess. Even if you don't agree with the whole concept of the Libertarian Party, there's still a whole lot of stuff here worth taking a look at.
A great starting point for those wishing to explore the concepts of Individual Freedom and Limited Government.
The National Rifle Association Homepage
Supporting the Bill Of Rights means supporting the whole Bill of Rights, including the Right to keep and bear arms.
KVI Radio
Fairly unique. This is a talk radio station that's not afraid to say it has an agenda. The commentators are Conservative, many with strong Libertarian leanings. There's a great links section, too. If you're interested in the subject, this is a great site to visit, no matter where you're from.
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws(NORML)
Okay, Okay. Before you fly off the handle, I am not in any way advocating the use of drugs. I simply don't believe that government has any right to restrict the use of marijuana more than the use of, for instance, alcohol. No, I don't think you or your kids should rush out and buy a bong.

Please Check Back Often

This is a new page, and is constantly under construction. I'll be adding more links in the future, as time permits. Thanks for visiting!

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