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To Our Homepage!!

This website is now a memorial page for Peaches and Bambi, as well as Midnight, Bugsy, Bonnie, Taffy and now Benji who are all in bunny heaven, watching over us.

Bunny Prayer by Jennifer.

Eternal Flames For Peaches and Bambi

Peaches' Memorial

Bambi's Memorial

Bugsy's Memorial

Bonnie's Memorial

Taffy's Memorial

Benji's Memorial

Peaches ran up the Rainbow Bridge on Feburary 3, 2002, and Bambi ran up the Rainbow Bridge on June 10, 2006. They will both be missed very much. We are keeping this webpage as IF they were still with us.. so enjoy looking at all the pictures and viewing the other pages as well.. Bugsy left us on September 29, 2008, Bonnie on August 17, 2009, and Taffy on September, 15, 2009. Benji went up the bridge on December 24, 2010. They will all be terribly missed.
Thank you,
Sincerely, Linda

I will be adding more stories and pictures in the future, please stop by and keep checking in.


Thanks for visiting our page. I am Peaches, in front (a palomino bunny) and my sister is Bambi, who is standing (also a pal.). Our human MOM made this page for us. My birthday is around Easter and Bambi's was on May 31. We live in a large split-ranch house which we have full control over, however, "Mom" doesn't like us in the bedrooms, but that's okay we have our own (3 season) porch, that's us pictured above we can play in when the weather is nice, or a large back yard where we have lots of room to run around, and hop into our outdoor pen for some afternoon naps. We love to have other bunny friends visit us anytime..

My "real" bunny mom, Midnight, passed away a few years ago. You can see her picture next, with a story about her too. I miss you so much, mom!!

Also our human Mom has other interests that is also on our page and we love sharing with her.. Thanks for visiting but please let us know by emailing us.. or signing the guest book at the bottom of this webpage.

{{{Bunny Hugs}}}
to all.......... hop here to email us here...

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Our Mom

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An Eternal Flame For Midnight

Midnight's Memorial


This section will be dedicated especially to a very special bunny in my life.. Her name is "Midnight". She is the mother of my bunny, Peaches, and came to us under difficult circumstances.. She was to be put to sleep that summer, because she had cancer.. well being the mom of my bunny,, I couldn't hear of such a thing.. so I had her tested for cancer. The results came back ok, for she had just a growth on her neck, that wasn't cancer. So we had it removed and the owners said we could keep her since we paid for the surgery. I was delighted, she was very loveable even though she was caged outside, with very litte human contact. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. She became accustomed to her new house right away, and knew she was treated right the night she came home with us and went right by the fireplace and laid down on her side and started to clean her feet. LOL It was so comical, I just laughted. We had her for 18 months, with three more surgeries and being spade, she got infection in her lungs but couldn't get treatment to work right away and it was too late. She died in my arms at work, while on the phone to the vet. What a sad sight to see, the bunny nose, that stops moving. I cried so hard that day. We miss her dearly, and she will always be part of our lives, living in our hearts. She went everywhere with us including a trip to Colorado. There will be more pictures of her and Peaches in the future..but for now, Midnight, we love you and miss you very much.. behave yourself in bunny heaven.

Love Mom and Dad, and your son, Peaches

(she went to the bridge on 10-10-97.)

Rainbow Bridge

Midnight's Photo Album

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