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Type:   Goddess

Class:   First
Second category
Unlimited License

Domain:   Forever

Angel:   Gorgeous Rose

Earth Assistance Center


Height:   170 cm or 5' 6"

Age:   approx. 26 yrs.

Eyes:   brown

Hair:   brown/red

Mark:  : Diamond



Peorth is the fourth, and oldest, goddess to appear (and so far, only in the manga - in volume 11). Her travel medium is through a camera lense. Peorth appears because Keiichi again misdials (Again!!), and this time calls a rival goddess office. She quickly takes a liking to Keiichi, and wants to grant him one wish. But Keiichi is rather satisfied with his life and doesn't want another wish. Peorth however, has a perfect record and isn't so happy about the fact that Keiichi doesn't take the wish. Peorth looks like an adult Skuld, only with red/brown hair, brown eyes and diamond-shaped markings on her forehead and cheeks. She dislikes other Goddesses alot. Peorth also likes Keiichi quite a bit...this causes a great rivalry between her and Belldandy. Oh she is also from a rival Goddess office which does not help matters.


Aa! Megami Sama is a copryright of Kousuke Fujishima / Kodansha / KSS / TBS