Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII Zodiac. Here we analyze the characters and their respective signs. Because the birthdays for some characters are unknown, I have taken the liberty of assigning them a sign based on their personality traits.

The Characters and Their Signs

In Cait's words, Cosmic Matches
Astrological Compatibility

Silly Matches
I didn't make these up; these are actually astrologically accurate! (Don't take these seriously. Could you really imagine Sephiroth dating Cloud? Or Hojo dating RedXIII? Actually, knowing Hojo...)

Best Couples Poll
If you don't believe any of this astrology, vote for the best couples on your own.

Cloud and Aeris: This is not a good match. Leo and Aquarius are in an opposition, meaning they are on opposite sides of the horoscope. They will generally do most things different. However, since their goals are the same, they might be able to work it out.
Cloud and Tifa: Not so good an astrological match. They are in a square, which means that they have the same quality but the elements do not go well together. Contrary to what one may expect, similar qualities do not go well together. It won't be easy for them, but if they try hard enough, it is possible.
Cloud and Yuffie: Don't even think about it. A Scorpio and a Leo don't go well together. Both are very strong-willed, so if they do manage to have a relationship, it will be a rocky one.
Sephiroth and Aeris: This is actually a good match. Fire and air go well together, and their qualities are not the same. Aeris' happy-go-lucky personality may clash with Sephiroth's dead-serious attitude to life, but their relationship would generally end up alright.
Sephiroth and Tifa: Although not as easy as Sephiroth and Aeris, this combination would work out better than Sephiroth and Yuffie. Their elements clash, but they were both born in spring. If Sephiroth manages to keep his patience with Tifa, and Tifa tries not to bore Sephiroth, a relationship might work out.
Sephiroth and Yuffie: This pair has absolutely nothing in common. Knowing that Sephiroth is a fire sign, and Yuffie is a water sign, I instantly forsee problems. Fire signs are ambitious, while water signs have no need at all to carry out their dreams into real life.
Cid and Shera: Soulmates; they were meant for each other! (No surprise there, Square created them for each other!) They may quarrel frequently (which they do), but over all, their relationship is worth it.
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If Gender/Species is not accounted for....

Best Matches

Sephiroth: Cloud or Barret (if it must be female, then Aeris)
Tifa: Red XIII (if it must be human, then Rufus)
Cait Sith: Vincent (if it must be female, then Aeris)
Shera: Cid or Yuffie (Square got one right!)
Cloud: Sephiroth (if it must be female, then Shera)
Rufus/Hojo: RedXIII (if it must be human, then Tifa)
Vincent: Cait Sith or Aeris
Yuffie: Shera (if it must be male, then Cid)
Barret: Sephiroth (if it must be female, then Aeris)
Red XIII: Tifa or Rufus
(I don't know any females of his race. Sorry!)
Aeris: Vincent
Cid: Shera

Worst Matches

This is a fun one!
Sephiroth: Shera
Tifa: Aeris
Cait Sith: Rufus
Shera: Sephiroth
Cloud: Yuffie
Rufus: Cait Sith
Vincent: Red XIII
Yuffie: Cloud
Barret: Cid
Red XIII: Vincent
Aeris: Tifa
Cid: Barret

Best FFVII Couples
Which of these make the best couple?

Cid and Shera
Cloud and Aeris
Cloud and Tifa
Cloud and Yuffie
Aeris and Sephiroth
Tifa and Rude
Aeris and Tseng
Yuffie and Reno
Elena and Tseng
Rufus and Scarlet

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