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Peter Vidmar

Few people have given back as much to their sport as Peter Vidmar has given to his. He is using his position as former member of the United States of America Olympic gymnastics team to promote his sport in his home country and throughout the world.

Despite an amazing harried schedule of speeches and personal appearances, Peter finds the time to actively participate in the invitational men's gymnastics meet which bears his name. Each year, he attends the overwhelming majority of the sessions to hand out the awards to the participating gymnasts. He talks to the young gymnasts, signs countless autographs, and encourages the young male gymnasts to persevere over all obstacles in the pursuit of their dreams.

In addition, he active solicits many of the major sponsors of the meet to keep their support coming to this meet which has become one of the premiere club meets in the world. Without his direct participation, this meet would be a small local meet of almost no significance.

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