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Mark McGwire
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So, you thought you knew everything about Mark McGwire. Here is some interesting tidbits that we put together. We will be updating this article as we research more information and we will be adding supporting articles on Mark McGwire and the St. Louis Cardinals!

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Meet Mark McGwire

The Player and The Person

by Doug Sadtler, Staff Writer

Every once in a while, SOMETHING comes along that changes how we see the big picture; history is created and a new landmark gives us a new perspective through which to draw comparisons. On September 8, 1998, Mark McGwire hit his 62nd Home Run in front of the Saint Louis faithful and achieved a feat many thought would not be possible. For ten minutes, the game stops and baseball seems to freeze in time; McGwire becomes baseball and baseball becomes McGwire.

Of course, it's not just McGwire's show, but he is the first performer to appear on the stage. Thirty-seven years ago, Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's Home Run record with considerable resistance from baseball's fans; in the present, the reaction of today's fan base is a tribute to the maxim "my how the times change." A weary and frustrated Maris endured a season of isolation and bitterness from baseball fans who saw Babe Ruth's record as pure.

McGwire has the benfits of a more objective fan base and some competition, both of which make his historic season a VERY public affair. While Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chase each other to a new Home Run record, not only are their baseball talents showcased, but something even more special is showcased: their personalities. We hope the information included here contains something you may not have known before.

Mark David McGwire was born on October 1, 1963 (exactly two years to the day after Maris hit his historic blast) in Ponoma, California. Mark's a big guy at 6' 5" 250 lbs, a true monolith. With forearms the size of an average person's legs, he is a portrayal of strength in the batter's box with every swing. It is reported that as a ten year-old little-leaguer, Mark's first ever at bat was.......yea, a Home Run (His little league team...the A's.) Rather than even discussing destiny, it should be clear that Mark has a very thorough and challenging work ethic. He plays smart, he takes injuries seriously, and conditions his body to limit the severity of those injuries.

(To Be Continued) Doug was tired and he should have this article completed by Monday. If not, you know who to blame. (he said, it wasn't me.)

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