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Good day, and welcome to my humble abode. I hope that you will enjoy your vist to my tower.
You are guest number      to walk within these halls.
Phred's Tower, is based on my last AD&D Forgotten Realms campagin. The PCs, there town, and general info.
I ( Phred ) was the DM ( & a NPC in the town ).


Information on the missing  Ranger Torrance.
A large gold reward be offred to any one  who
brings about the recovery of his body or soul.
                                                                ~ Brother Jorn Sargar

the Credits

     Bren, the Shadowsill, Vlondril, St. Noshie, Glon Pan Dovi, Arkus, Torrance, Merith Evensong, Knight Brother Jorn Sargar, Leaf, Mordechi Oinknine, Sir Percival Deauxryte, Black Adder, Ka-Bar and many more.

     AD&D®, Advanced D&D®, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®, DM®, Dungeon Master®, Dungeon Master Guide®, Player's Handbook®, Forgotten Reamls®, Dragon Magazine®, Tome of Magic®, Monstrous Manual®, TSR®, and TSR Hobbies®, are all registered trademarks of TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used WITHOUT permission. The use of any copyrighted material and/or trademarks in this work should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks. So please dont sue me. This work and its creator are in NO WAY affiliated with TSR, Inc. All original work is copyrighted Phred’s Tower, unless otherwise specified. Please include this copyright notice when redistributing these works.

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Last updated by Phred Marx  on 1 Jan 1999