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Personal Life

mmmmm.......Yeah I was born on the marvellous day of 29th October in the troublesome year of 1972.....well, it was a bit troublesome for India as it had recently come out of the 1971 war with Pakistan. I was born early in the morning ..but ironically my initials stand out to be PM.I completed my High School education in Calcutta and sort of love the city despite the pollution and everything.I graduated in 1995 with first division in Computer Sc. and Engg from Amravati University, Maharashtra. During the course of my graduation I made some real good friends whom I can never forget..... JB Dash ( One hell of a guy, a gem of a person and really freaky), Anil Rai ( A very helpful guy,overall a very good guy), Rinkoo Srivastava ( Ahh... she was my senior but a good friend and sister), Sonia Gupta ( One hell of a girl, very energetic playful and very friendly.... ).

After that I started to work in New Delhi. My first job was not so good experience considering that the company ran out of funds in setting up an ITS department. Here also I made some more friends (some only ) ... Dheeraj Buddhiraja ( Highly emotional and a good friend ...though not so intelligent as his surname may suggest, but a good manager of things), Anurag Dhama ( Crazy fellow and a good friend also, a bit hot tempered but can control his anger most of the times), Jaideep Walia ( hard working but a bit superstitious and the irony is that though he is just a year older than me he is almost bald!!!).

So then I moved off and joined Siemens, since then I have got a good experience in handling people and learning about how to handle human relations.Since I joined Siemens in 1996, I have learned a lot and also found a number of friends.....Akhil Gupta ( A true blue Scorpio and a very hard working fellow but tends to laze a bit sometimes), Puneet Sharma ( A person who could very well make up your day by his jokes and antics but at the same time a good worker), Amit Arora( A person you cannot do without but sometimes highly introvert), Sharad Joshi ( God Bless him, a very good guy and a jovial person "sometimes" ). After spending some glorious 2 years Siemens Ltd, New Delhi, I was sent on deputation to Siemens AG, Vienna. Here, in Vienna, I experienced a totally different kind of life..something which was almost unimaginable in India.

Anyway in Vienna, I met a few people worth mentioning, persons who have influenced the course of my life ..... Afrodita Nestorovska ( One of a pair of twins from Macedonia, she is a real beautiful girl..but boys ..I guess she has a boyfriend so no chance...), Michael Heindl ( a co-worker during my days in the Jeddah project, he helped me to speak German), Christian Böhm ( My group leader in the ATEL project, he taught me almost all that I am worth of now), Elisabeth Stelzhammer ( My german teacher, she encouraged me to speak German ).

I came back to India in April 2000 and surprised my fiancee in Mumbai aka Bombay. Soon in Mumbai I had a fallout with my boss over his behaviour with me, and I quit the job and joined up a company down south in Hyderabad. Since then I have been moving as if I got wheels attached to my feet. Been to US couple of times .. and then now I am in UK. Even though the job isnt what I would have expected myself to do, but due to the current downturn in the industry, I have agreed to stick to it .. until I find a much better oppurtunity either in India or in US or in UK or for that matter anywhere in the world except Pakistan and any of the Arab states.

Anyway.. I guess I bored you quite a lot by now if you didn't get bored in the beginning. So now its good bye!!!!

Take care ...