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Mark Holmes

Birth Date:



Mansfield, England


Toronto, Ontario, Canada




One son (Justin)

Favorite Color:


Favorite Bands:

Suede, Charlatans, Radiohead and the old stuff like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stones, T-Rex and Bowie

Favorite Ice Cream:


Boxers or Briefs:




All-Time Favorite Records:

Pink Floyd; "More"

Interests Outside Music:

Football (soccer), and Ice Hockey. An AVID Manchester United fan, and also very keen on the 60's movement in London ie: Mods. Very keen on fashion and leans towards the afore said Mod movement, ie: sta-press pants, Fred Perry + Ben Sherman shirts, and suits ( usually black in colour )

Best Onstage Moment:

Jerry Park, Montreal (alien invasion tour) waving goodbye at the end of the show, it was very emotional

Worst Onstage Moment:

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, New years eve 1985. The equipment wouldn't work because of opening artist breaking it and the show didn't start til after midnight!

Most Frightening Tour Experience:

Having my jaw broken by a flying bottle in Halifax, East Coast, by an overzealous boyfriend of a female admirer!

If you could go back in time as an observer and see yourself at any one point in your life for a day, what would you choose?

City Hall, Toronto, Summer 1984The moment when I looked out the window expecting no one to show up and then seeing 30,000 people, my face was a picture!

Favorite Video You've Made So Far:

Sad Sad Rain (unreleased)

Worst Thing You've Ever Eaten:


If you had to choose a body part to lose tomorrow, you'd pick:

My nose

Greatest Accomplishment So Far:

My son Justin

Greatest Thing You Hope To Achieve:

Don't know, what do you want to achieve?

Former Bands:

Platinum Blonde

Current Projects:

Lead Singer, Vertigo; Orange Alert

 Contact Information:

Orange Alert web site:



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