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Welcome to The Poppin' Mollies' groovy Website!!

The Poppin' Mollies are the energy-packed pop band from ultra-hip Chicagoland!!

The Band you gotta see, over and over.
The Band you become so addicted to that you shake from withdrawls between shows.
The Band that makes you fee-ee-ee-eelll so-oo-oo-oo....
Get the C.D.    Sport the T-Shirts    Hang the Posters    See the Band Live    Get on the Mailing List     Just Do It...NOW !!!

Click the Picture of the Band to continue . . . & Hold On! 

BUY the CD! Buy our C.D. from CDBABY, Click This! or call 1-800-448-6369

cdcovsm.jpg (10460 bytes) Buy our C.D. from CMAG, Click This! or call 1-800-998-CMAG

This Chicago Area Music Ring site
owned by The POPPIN MOLLIES !.

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