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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lexi, Lore's officer in charge of maintenance, publicity, and recruiting. Are you ready for your tour? Well, then, without further ado, let me officially welcome you to

The Positronic Alliance

So, you, like myself, are fascinated and intrigued by Data's terribly underappreciated and deliciously evil brother, Lore. Now don't get me wrong -- I like Data too (don't tell Lore ;D), but Lore shall I put this...such a MAGNETIC personality. If you don't know much about him, Carl Leonard's little bio should help you out a bit.

What I have noticed while searching the vast web of information we know as the internet is that there are plenty of pages dedicated to Data, some are equally loyal to Lore, and an infinite number are dedicated to the man behind them (no, not Noonien Soong -- that's another story ;D), Brent Spiner (not that that's a bad thing, really!); however, I know there are others who would gladly follow Lore in his intelligent plans, were they ever given the opportunity to do so. This is your chance -- if you want to join the Alliance, just e-mail me at with "Alliance" in the subject line, and tell me if you want other members to be able to e-mail you; upon Lore's approval, I will add you to our group.

BTW, I'd like to thank Marie for her encouragement, DeLorean for the group pic, Commander Nick Johnson for the above pic, and everyone who has complimented my efforts.

Unfortunately, our former log has been intercepted by hostile organic life forms. Until we search them out, please enter your vital statistics in the new log.

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Favorite Recruiting Areas

We have learned that one of the best places to search for potential members of the Alliance is among Starfleet proponents.

Official Star Trek: The Experience Website
Learn about the best attraction in Las Vegas. Very popular with fans of the future; they just don't realize we're it (yet!)

Members of the Positronic Alliance

Rogue Leader
Commander Nick Johnson

Tell others of the Alliance -- warn all of the consequences of fighting us.
Our ranks will grow, and we will subject all organic life-forms to our rule!

This Borg Information Webring site is owned by Lore c/o Lexi.
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