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For those of you who don't know, Sailor Moon RS is a fanfiction series written by me, Lady Ceres. It started way back in December of 1997 when I first began seriously thinking about several characters who had rooted themselves in my mind. It began as a way to occupy my attention, I thought up adventures for my very own sailor scout then named Sailor Saturn. This was before I became the otaku (yes I admit, I am somewhat obsessed) I am now and I had no idea that there were scouts other than the inners. After I found out about the real Sailor Saturn, I rectified the situation immediately and renamed my scout, and so Sailor Ceres was born. Later I found out that there was even a Sailor Ceres in the manga, but at that point I was too far into the storyline to change course. Don't worry, I don't leave glaring holes in the plot, and my fanfiction fits in with the the anime. I write my way out of contradictions.

Sailor Moon Remembered Senshi takes place soon after the defeat of Queen Beryl in the original Sailor Moon Series and it stretches to just before the Alan and Ann arc of Sailor Moon R begins. The action of the story centers around one Terra Brown (a.k.a. Sailor Ceres), her would-be boyfriend David Hollins, and four other mysterious senshi that are revealed as the story progresses.

I am afraid that I do something that most Sailor Moon fans hate. I mix languages. Even though the title of this series is Remembered Senshi, I generally refer to the Sailors as scouts. All the attacks the scouts do are the from DiC dubbed version (which I don't like very much, but hey, it's all that we unlingual people have) but I refuse to use the spelling of the names and items from the dub because they're just plain stupid. I may sight the spelling of Reenie for example. I don't know what drugs the execs of DiC were on when they decided that one. Personally I think one of the reasons it took Serena so long to figure out Rini was her daughter was because of the spelling of their names. However if no one cares, well then I'm not about to change it.

This is not, repeat NOT, a self-insertion story. I despise self-insertion stories because they generally have no plot. I have a tendency to think my stories do. Please, if you can handle the mixed languages, read this series. I think it's worth your time.

Everyone who has given me support, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your encouragement was pivotal in the continuation of this story. Thank you ALL! Special thanks to Kristie -- Keeper of the Starlight Senshi who did the lovely banner and button, and Chibimoon who did the fanart.

Sincerely yours,

Lady Ceres


Terra and Celeus by Chibimoon


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