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Voice Actress/Actor Auditions!

Welcome to the Sailor Moon Remembered Senshi Voice auditions. When you read SMRS (cause I know you have) did you ever want to be a voice of one of the characters (sounds kind of farfetched, huh?)? Well, If you did, now is your chance. Just record all of the lines under the character you want to audtion for in wav format and then send them to me at the address below! Happy hunting!

Need HELP? Go here to learn how to do this stuff!

Sailor Ceres--Part Taken

"Ceres Power!" soft, yet commanding

"Ceres Vines Entangle!" strong

"Ceres Tremble!" desparate

"Her excellency may remind the humble guardian cat. . ." miffed

Mail Sailor Ceres VA: Tiga Shadow
or you can check her resume

The Sailors

Sailor Infinity:
"Time Sleep" casual
"Infinity Charming Harmony!" lyrically
"Infinity String Pluck!" confident
"Actually I think his ideas are rather quaint." amused

Sailor Cronos--Part Taken
"Chronos Dimension Ripple!" commanding
"Whoah! Cute guy alert!" excited
Mail Sailor Chronos's VA Lenkia

Sailor Eternity:
"I am Sailor Eternity, otherwise know as Meattra." matter-of-factly
"Resistance is illogical!" scientific and cold

Sailor Keeper:
"Keeper Total Recall" whisper
"A story I'm sure you're familiar with. The destruction of the Moon Kingdom." detached

Sailor Void:
"Void Nether-Matter Nova!" coldly and confidently
"Void night Power!" a whisper

Sailor Chaos:
"Chaotic Transformation!" wildly
"Chaotic Black Tempest!" also wildly and passionately

The Dark Kingdom

"Naverght did love me!" angrily (pronounced Nah-veart)
"Oh, it's you, I thought it was someone important." condescending

Qintozite: (male character)
"This will bear further investigation, possibly over dinner." evil and charming, somewhat cold
"I know where Naverght is!" desparate

Lord Dis (male character)
"Or more conveniently, I would rather have you dead than her dead." maliciously

Naverght: (male)
"I hate this damnable planet." bitterly
"I know what my job is, Titanite." angrily

Titianite--Part Taken
" we didn't come here so you could moon over some lost princess, or did we Oh wise leader?" sarcastic
Mail Titanite's VA: Mobius

Other Characters:

David (male)-- Part Taken
"Tachyon Cast!" emotional
"I won't let you hurt her!" defiant and protective

Mail David's VA: Mamoru Tux
or you can check his resume

Celeus (male and british):
"How is she going to do that? Teach her about the battle of Hastings?" sarcastic
"Her excellency, Princess Terra of Ceres." pompous and courtly

Lady Ceres

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