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Here, kittykittykitty...
The Credits Page
The Following People Were of Great Help and/or Inspiration in Building The Shrine to Priss Asagiri

Sarah Davis, creater, owner, and maintainer of The Sylia Stingray Homepage must be thanked for giving me Priss' statistics (those hard to find measurements), original frame grabs for my page, and basically being the first person to ever say anything about this page, thus making me decide to finish it. She also told me where to find an incredible archive of Priss Sounds.

The Unofficial BGC Website from whence came the sounds on the Multimedia and 'Other' Page.

Evgenie (Andreevich) "Express" Medvedev, owner of the Largo Shrine, for creating some of the Priss Avatars I... shall we say, borrowed. for being a source for the majority of the images on the first Gallery Page.

Tyler Zachau's Priss Asagiri Picture Archive for having all those wonderful images of Priss that her fans are so thankful for.

And last, and probably least, the commercial firms for allowing me (unbeknownst to them) usage of names, titles, concepts, et cetera found in BGC. Those companies in question are AIC, the lowest of the low for having people take down all those songs, AnimEigo, much better than AIC, and they even have a nice image archive, Artmic, Youmex, Toshiba EMI, and Dark Horse Comics, home of the world's most unmistakenly bad interpretation of BGC ever created, Grand Mal. Without these companies, BGC would not be around, or not in the U.S., anyhow. Of course, I could have lived without Grand Mal...

E-mail me if I forgot you in this relatively short list.

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