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Information on Priss Asagiri
Priss lost her parents in the Second Great Kanto Earthquake of 2025 (Kanto is a region in central-eastern Japan, near Tokyo). At an orphanage without anyone to rely on, Priss lead a gloomy childhood.

At age seventeen, during what was supposed to be the prime of her life, she was roaming the dark side of Mega Tokyo. A small-time singer, Priss only performed at Suburban Live House ("Hot Legs") and The Night's City Road. Under the thunderous roar of her motorcycle engine, she continued to cry out for something more.

Before long, the man who had captured Priss' heart, the leader of her motorcycle gang, was assassinated for discovering a certain organization's secrets. The AD. Police, however, ruled that his death was a mere accident. Because of this, Priss carried a grudge against the AD. Police. With gun in hand, an enraged Priss went after her lover's killers, swearing revenge.

But a pair of eyes were watching Priss closely. The owner of those eyes pulled up a in red Benz and said, "Will you entrust me with that burning heart of yours?"


Priss In Combat

Priss' ability to combat with an opponent that should be able to kill her without any strain on its part is remarkable. Why she lacks the close combat abilities that Sylia and Linna display until her suit is heavily modified, her aim is second to none, thus her position as the Knight Saber with the heavy long-range assault capabilties. Her guns are the most destructive, formidable tools that tear apart Cyberdroids. Priss can bring down a rampaging Boomer with no effort whatsoever. Her greatest flaw in battle comes from her disdain for rules and discipline; she had nearly been killed multiple times because she would not sit still and listen to the others, namely Sylia, telling her to keep her temper. When she challenged Largo, Priss proved once and for all that her life is a tragedy in the truest sense of the literary term, and that her impatience and rebellious attitude will be her undoing.

Priss' first Hardsuit was second to Sylia's in weaponry, with no close combat weapons. However, Sylia was wise enough to note that this might not stop Priss was moving into the battle, and thus the suit was heavily armored, once again second only to her own. Priss was satisfied with the results and the destructive powers of her suit and accepted the lack of CC/HtH positions that it could take. As shown in Born to Kill, Priss' job is to wait for Sylia and Linna to inflict the intitial damage and then do away with the offending Cyberdroid. This episode also showed why Priss had no CC/HtH weapons: While battling the C-Series female Cyberdroid, she was knocked around like a small child by an abusive adult.

When Priss faced Largo she lost her first Hardsuit and gained her second. It had, luckily for Priss, more CC abilities, including a Knuckle Bomber and enhanced kicking features. Thrusters on her heels allowed her to cleanly decapitate one of Largo's HyperBoomers. When she faced Largo himself, she did very little physical damage to him. His ego was bruised enough that the other Knight Sabers had time to form an attack that ended Largo's brief reign of terror of Mega Tokyo. Without Priss going after him, Largo would have succeeded, in one way or another, in capturing the OMS and taking control of the Cyberdroids, causing a revolution.

In Scoop Chase Priss received her third Hardsuit. This one had not only the regular railgun, but also the Knuckle Bomber, a fist guard, the heel thrusters, an improved flight capability, greater upper-body strength, and Leg Bombers, possibly one of Priss' most interesting weapons. With the added thrust from the mechanism on her heel, Priss could tear apart a Cyberdroid without ever lifting a finger. A history of street brawls and a bad temper didn't hurt Priss in battle, either.

Priss' Personality

Despite her reputation, Priss is a startlingly caring person, ready to give her life for a friend. She made several friends throughout the series, including Sho and Cynthia, both children. While Cynthia was not flesh and blood, nothing separated her from being a child anymore than anything separates Priss from being a woman. Priss was fond of both children and animals. She gave her lunch to the manx cat in Moonlight Rambler and though she is often called a 'bitch,' she did not chase down the feline, yell at it, curse at it, or otherwise when it scratched Sylvie. Priss nearly died many a time in pursuit of revenge not for herself but for the sake of a friend. Her closest thing to a confidant was Sylia, who, though not a kind and personable individual by nature, had an almost motherly attitude toward the other Knight Sabers. Without her Priss would have been lost and dead at the age of seventeen.

Priss' loyalty increases the theory that Priss was not so much a person one does not find easy to like so much as a person who finds it hard to give herself to others. She could have been caring, and indeed she truly was, but it was hard with her history of losing loved ones. After her parents died and she was forced to enter an orphanage where no affection was shown to her, she surely gave up hope that humanity was a loving species. Then her lover was murdered by none other than Brian J. Mason, and after that a string of deaths occurred, all related to her in some way. It would tear someone apart inside to view this. As it happened, Priss developed a certain disgust for the people around her aside from a few close friends and her surrogate family, the Knight Sabers. Even Leon McNichol found a place in her heart after a time. She was merely reluctant to give herself to another.

One of the reasons that so many BGC fans see BGC: Grand Mal as a putrid mass of BS is that Priss comes across as a stereotypical tough girl in that, smoking, swearing, fighting, and acting like the moron that she is not. There are fanfictions that portray Priss much truer to her reality, such as Yearnings. There are also fanfictions that show Priss to be even worse than Adam Warren's sickeningly pathetic vision of her. Whatever the case, all of the visions of Priss lack something save for a few, and that something is her inward caring way. Anyone willing to risk her life for a Sexaroid Cyberdroid not once but twice does not need to be a kinder person. Her bravery is to be commended. Her bitchiness is virtually non-existent.

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