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The Hardsuits and Technology of Priss Asagiri

Hardsuit: First Generation

Priss' Hardsuits, generations one through three, were all designed for long range battle superior to that of the other Hardsuits. While she was without tools such as the Knuckle Bomber, laser swords, and contact charges, Priss has heavier rounds that burst from her gauntlet. Her gauntlet housed a central laser gun and three surrounding support weapons that shot forward needles which delivered charges upon hitting their target. Each of the supporters had the capability to fire two needles at once, functioning as jolts on a caliber near, or equal to, Sylia and Linna's Knuckle Bombers. Priss' Hardsuit also received extra padding and armor when Sylia took into consideration that Priss had a slightly reckless style that consisted of challenging her opponents head-on when there was simply no chance of her meeting with victory.

Priss' First Generation Hardsuit was based on the design that the GENOM minds were familiar with, shown in episode six on a monitor, whereas Sylia's was based on Katsuhito Stingray's very own design, one which he had kept secret. Priss' Hardsuit has an automatic targeting system that would lift her arm for her is necessary and could fire on verbal or physical command.

There is also a softsuit, a blue and pink undersuit that takes each movement, from muscular spasms to bounding to the flick of a finger, and translates them into the actions of the suit. The Hardsuit, a compact exo-skeleton created from a synthesis of ceramic and steel compounds created by Sylia Stingray, was the ultimate in protection and combat abilities. Even without CC mechanisms encased in her suit, Priss had no trouble bringing down the enemy. A BU-55C stood little or no chance against the power of her railgun.

The design is exceptionally and obviously feminine, designed in this manner for better movement and maneuverability, but also because of the factor of intimidation that will come from being faced with a woman who can, without a doubt, take down an army of Cyberdroids with the lift of her arm. High-heeled boots allow for more destructive kicks, ripping apart the armor of a Cyberdroid. They also support Priss and the others when they use their Motoroids, acting as hooks for a steadier piloting job. In addition to this, the Hardsuit is inbelievably light for all its protective qualities and durability. It serves as the best possible way to combat at long or close range, depending upon the weapons housed in the particular Hardsuit.

A Hardsuit will reject unidentified wearers and operators and also has an ejection property when damaged beyond immediate repair. The armor bursts away from the woman inside. Priss was the only Knight Saber shown to ever use this, having rid herself of her First Generation Hardsuit during her battle with Largo.

The thrusters on Priss' Hardsuit were weaker than those of Sylia and Linna because Priss' job was more ground work: Keeping moving and firing. After Sylia's Hardsuit, Priss' had the greatest strength amplification, once again evidence that Sylia was taking more precautions with Priss than the others when building her Hardsuit.

Priss' original Hardsuit weighed 74.35kg.

Hardsuit: Second Generation

Priss' Second Generation Hardsuit was far superior to her older one in both style, grace, efficiency, and close combat abilties. While her first Hardsuit had been created to deliver the final blow to the offending part, Sylia saw the Priss' fighting style was maturing enough that she felt it was time to give Priss the chance to get up-close and personal with her enemy. Priss was able to display this when she promptly and fittingly destroyed Largo's most powerful HyperBoomer with a swift kick to the head. Her heel thrusters added to her already enhanced kick. She was also granted the Knuckle Bomber, yet another tool she used in that fight with Largo. Priss still had her trusty railgun with all its toys and gadgets, but now she could do both close and long range combat easily without fear of being attacked and not being able to properly defend herself. Her armor was nearly on a par with Sylia's at that point after Sylia made specific modifications.

Priss' strength lay in that she was able to use powerful weapons well. Without large guns Priss would have been outmanned in a fight; her skills were more with her aim and less with her body. Priss, a fast thinker, could get herself out of situations with C-Series and other Boomers, but had she been given no CC weapons for her battle with Largo she would have died as had been intended. As it were, the Second Generation Hardsuit most likely was designed for the sheer and singular purpose of giving Priss a way out of a situation that she never would have been able to escape before.

Priss' second Hardsuit weighed 65.43kg.

Hardsuit: Third Generation

Priss' third and final Hardsuit for the Bubblegum Crisis series was certainly her greatest. It still was accompanied by an array of dramatic weaponry, but it had some added features. Once again Sylia chose to allow Priss to deliver her hits up close; thus, she added on the Leg Bombers, mechanisms not unlike the Kunckle Bomber. Eight protrustions lined each of Priss' boots. When striking her opponent, they would extend forward and detonate at the rounded tip, loosing on the enemy a severe explosion. This could theoretically rip a Cyberdroid nearly in half. Priss also got a rack of S-Mines, explosives that, when planted on a Cyberdroid or other structure, will explode in an allotted amount of time. And for even better fighting capabilties, Sylia gave Priss a Knuckle Guard to protect her left fist so that she could use both hands and arms in combat. Finally Priss' Hardsuit met all her and Sylia's expectations.

Priss' Hardsuit's armor was modified once more, but its weight did not change significantly. The additions made were created after Sylia measured Priss with electronic equipment and decided that Priss could deal with close combat and no longer needed to be pushed backward. While Priss still relied mainly on guns, with her S-Mines, Knuckle Bomber, Knuckle Guard, and Leg Bombers, she was not going to let anything push her around.

Additional Information

Priss was equipped with advanced HUDs in all three of her Hardsuits. The registered cold and warm heat, biological, organic, inorganic, and synthetic organisms and parts, temperatures, and could scan for any signs of movement, life, activity, other scanners, the other Knight Sabers, and her own vital signs if necessary. Her softsuit measured everything that went on in her body and was the interface between Priss and her Hardsuit. Her Hardsuit was the interface between Priss and the Motoroids. Motoroids (or, as Priss would surely prefer to call them, Motoslaves) were large mechanical AIs that hooked up with the Hardsuits and acted as extra protection and fire power. The Motoroids went through four stages: The MSX-01 Prototype, the Hurricane, the Typhoon, and the Tyhpoon II. Priss was the only Knight Saber to receive a Tyhpoon II, a Motoroid which was shown but once, when it rescued Priss from Largo.


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