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The Songs of Priss Asagiri
Throughout the Bubblegum Crisis series quality music pours from every possible opening. Many of the songs describe in perfect detail the trials the characters must face, some speaking almost directly for Sylia and Priss. Songs such as Remember show what the city is like and how harsh its stark beauty can be on a lonely night. The way these songs are drawn out, like the story itself, evokes emotion. A gorgeous sound, fitting lyrics, and great care make the music of Bubblegum Crisis well worth the hefty price that comes with obtaining the soundtracks to the series.

Some of the most well done songs were sung by Priss' seiyuu, Oomori Kinuko-san. Her voice can be soft and romantic or hard and commanding. Either way, her singing is superb. Below is a list of the songs she sang for the Bubblegum Crisis series.

Konya Wa Hurricane (There's a Hurricane Tonight)


Mad Machine

Kizudarake No Wild (Wild and Scarred)


Wasurenaide (Don't Forget)

Chase the Dream

Lovely Rival

In addition to these, Priss sang in several songs along with the other Knight Sabers, some of which had solos. Her singing contract was problematic and thus, after episode three, her solo songs ended until Scoop Chase, when songs were borrowed from her debut album Silk and placed on the episode eight soundtrack, those songs being Chase the Dream and Lovely Rival.

Oomori-san sang in the following Knight Sabers' songs:

Kodoku No Angel (Lonely Angel)

Thrill Ni Odoru Angeltachi (Angels Dancing in the Thrill)

Akuma To Tenshi No Kiss (A Devil and Angel's Kiss)

Mysterious Night

Jumping Heart

Yes, Do It!

Bye-Bye, My Crisis


Bubblegum Crash!, while truly inferior in many aspects to the Bubblegum Crisis series, also has some nice music on its soundtracks. Interestingly, its better music came not from the series itself, but from the image album made afterward, entitled Masquerade 2034. Some of the songs from that album were exceptional and, while Tachikawa Ryouko-san does not have nearly the range and talent that Oomori-san has, she could carry a tune, as proven with songs like Catch Me and Saigou Ni....

Here is a list of the songs that Tachikawa-san sang for Bubblegum Crash!:

Hatenai Tabi--Hajimari Wa Ima (Endless Journey--The Beginning of Time

Catch Me

Cool Eyes

Fly Away

Saigou Ni... (At the Last...)

Hajimari Wa Ima! (The Beginning is Now!)

Over the Pressure--Toki O Koete (Over the Pressure--Overcoming Time {first and second solos})


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