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The Statistics of Priss Asagiri

Physical Attributes

Priss Asagiri, while she leads a life that is rough and unforgiving, was born blessed with physical beauty. Her brown hair reaches past her shoulders and sweeps down her back, the length fluctuating from earlier to later episodes. Her eyes are scarlett and hold anger, sympathy, fear, affection, and all of Priss' emotions in a brilliant display. She it tall and rather thin having spent years training the way that only the streets would allow. Her daily life was a struggle up until Sylia found herself and remains so; however, this has not taken a toll on Priss physically. Emotionally is another thing entirely.

Priss' bust meaures at eighty-eight centimeters, her waist at sixty, and her hips at ninety. She is one-hundred sixty-eight centimeters talls and weighs forty-seven kilograms.

Emotional Attributes

Emotionally Priss is easy to consider somewhat instable. She harbors many a personal grudge against other unfortunates from the street, Cyberdroids, GENOM officials, government officials, and life itself. She is inwardly exceptionally angry and frustrated, tired of seeing all the injustice around her. Priss' method of dealing with her anger is healthy and unhealthy. While she relieves some of her stress during battle, she rest she usually keeps bottled up. The probability is that she will surely explode with hatred someday.

Priss has suffered quite a lot, from the day she lost her parents in the Second Great Kanto Earthquake to each and every time she meets in combat with a Cyberdroid. Losing Sylvie and Anri, the Sexaroids, was even harder for Priss than losing her parents in that she was losing a part of her own humanity as they died. She had believed Sylvie to be a human being, something of flesh, blood, and with a soul. Priss certainly does not strike one as the religious sort, but the concept that someone, or thing, that she had thought was just like herself was nothing more than a mechanical toy for rich men to play with. To learn this truth drove Priss to a misery she had not experienced many times, one which drew her briefly away from her only true friends.


Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue is a set of, more or less, three stories. While most of the stories focus on Sylia and her own demons, Priss faces one from her past in it. Possibly the best portion of the CD is based on Priss' emotions over the loss of her lover from years before. While the portions covering Sylia and Reishi are confusing and do not go well with BGC or BGC!, the part about Priss finally explains in a simple but touching way why Priss was always so cold to others and what drove her to her initial quest for revenge.

The following is an excerpt from Soldier Blue, as translated by Ryosuke Taketomi for the BGC: Before and After RPG, owned and distributed by R. Talsorian Games.

It had stopped raining.

But Leon's heart was still clouded despite getting an invitation to go cruising from Priss, the one he loved. The two were at the shoulder of the highway, a place not befitting for a couple to spend time.

"I thought Priss wanted to tell me something. She made me park here, grabbed the booze, and left the car..."

It was no surprise that Leon was confused.

But Priss was trying to clarify her own clouded heart.

"...Man, I came here again. I know it's not going to amount to anything coming here..! Tonight I brought the drink you love."

As Priss spoke these words seemingly toward nowhere, she began spilling the whiskey.

"Before, I thought I was the only one... You taught me, the past cynical me, the goodness of motorcycles and rock and roll. Yet why did you leave me?!!"

As Leon watched Priss' strange mannerism from the car, a thought raced through his head.

Three years ago a motorcycle was attacked by 'someone or something' and despite the fact that there were many victims, the case warped into a mystery. The 'you' Priss kept mentioning was one of the victims from the accident.

"After you departed I cried often... But now I have acquaintances that are like family and slowly found some reason for living in this city. And..."

"Priss! Could this place be, the past..."

"Yeah. I wanted to say good-bye together with you Leon."

"Together with me?!!"

"I won't be able to go on while I hand on to the past. This isn't so that I can forget about him but so that I can move forward in live, to passionately live on with you, Leon. I wanted to come here and tell him that. I'm sorry, Leon..."

"You don't have to apologize."

At that moment, a motorcycle passed by.

"Yeah... He just told me to 'be strong' with a smile, and disappeared..."


Their hearts slowly, gradually cleared up.


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