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Multimedia and Other Files


I 'borrowed' these from the Largo Shrine's owner's anime avatar page.

The following avatars were made by Sarah Davis, owner of
Sylia Stingray's Page of Bubblegum Stuff. They're from her original screenshots.


Let's Go!

I will avenge you



Who's she supposed to be, Batman?


I'll be the last person to say that Crash! was a triumphant
attempt at ending the BGC series, its one and only redeemining quality
being that Sylia and Largo finally got to hold a conversation with one another,
but I have long been fond of the introductory theme to the series, and since
it's one of the few anime songs that evil, putrid, worthless AIC does not own
I have it here.

Hatenai Tabi--Hajimari No Toki


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