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~for my angels~

This page is dedicated to those who have made a difference in my life, who make my days brighter and happier. Those who give me hope and comfort and ask for nothing in return. Most of all, those who i love.

"I know i have an angel.
She was sent from Heaven above
To protect me every day,
And to give me lots of love."

They will be with me always, in heart and in spirit.

"Just who guides these hands when they're shaking with frustration?
When scraping in the sand, who provides the inspiration?
And who whispers from the outside when all seems desperation.

My love and light :

Do you believe in Angels?

There will always be precious few
throughout our lives who care for us.
They become our guardian angels,
keeping us from all harm,
to guide us towards true happiness.
They become close guarded friends
who turn up in, most unexpected places.
It's strange how we can overlook
these special spirits who are so needed.
They seem to appear when we most need
their helping hands or smiling faces.
To all of those who are my "angels"
I thank you for all that you have done.
You gave me hope, when there was none;
made me smile, when I could but frown;
watched out for me, when i could not;
and lit my life, when it was dark.
I know I could never thank you enough,
but perhaps you already realize that.
I may never find the words to even
thank you one single time,
but know in your hearts
that though my lips can't find a way-
my heart will always say the words.

Amelia, Kit, Miriam, Michelle and Sarah.