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From Ashes.....

Interviewer : "What is your name?"
Girl? : "A.R."
Interviewer : "How old are you?"
Girl? : "Twenty-five"
Interviewer : "Where do you live?"
Girl? : "At Florence"
Interviewer : "In what street?"
Girl? : "Via Parlone"
Interviewr " "At what number?"
~here she indicates correclty the number on the flat.~
Interviewer : "Are your father and mother living?"
Girl? : "I don't know"
Interviewer : "What day is it?"
Girl? : "Tuesday"
~it is Wednesday~
Interviewer : "What month is this?"
Girl? : "January"
Interviewer : "What year is it?"
Girl? : "1902"
Interviewer : "What place is this?"
Girl? : "I don't know"
Interviewer : "Is it your home?"
Girl? : "Yes"
Interviewer : "But who are those persons round about you?"
Girl? : "They are patients"
Interviewer : "Are these patients at your home?"
Girl? : "I am not at home"
Interviewer : "Where are you, then?"
Girl? : "At the asylum"
Interviewer : "And who stays at the asylum?"
Girl? : "Those who are mentally ill"
Interviewer : "Are you mentally ill?"
~She nods assent~
Interviewer : "How long have you been at the asylum?"
Girl? : "For four years"
Interviewer : "Do you love your father?"
Girl? : "Yes"
Interviewer : "Can you sew?"
Girl? : "I can read"
Interviewer : "Have you been at school?"
Girl? : "At the communal schools"
Interviewer : "Would you like to go home?"
Girl? : "Yes"
Interviewer : "Are you glad to remain here?"
Girl? : "Yes, certainly"
Interviewer : "Is it true that you have sometimes seen the devil?"
Girl? : "Yes"
Interviewer : "What is he like?"
Girl? : "He is black"
Interviewer : "Is it true that your mother has also been confined in the asylum?"
~She indicates assent, looks across the room, and points out her mother, who, in fact, is present~
Interviewer : "Is it true that you are pregnant?"
Girl? : "I have borne a child"
Interviewer : "What is his name?"
Girl? : "Giulio"
Interviewer : "Where is he?"
Girl? : "He is dead"
Interviewer : "When did he die?"
Girl? : "He was never born"
Interviewer : "Why then, did you tell me that you had borne him?"
Girl? : "for fun"
Interviewer : "Do you think you will become a saint?"
Girl? : "Yes"
Interviewer : "What saint?"
Girl? : "The Madonna of the Lily"