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Unlike most music cultures, the beginning of the Gothic/Industrial scene can be pin-pointed to a single song. The year was 1979, when an unkown English band named Bauhaus released a single entitled "Bela Lugosi's Dead". From that point on Bauhaus has been considered the first ever goth band. Before 1979, there were bands like Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno who were all making freaky and obscure music, however none of these bands were completely Gothic. Bauhaus created the Goth sound by writting very dark, somewhat depressing lyrics and adding slow, eerie, almost haunting music which formed an atmosphere of darkness. As a result, a new sound was created.

Shortly after the release of Bauhaus' first album, other bands began joining the Goth scene. These bands included Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, The Cure, Joy Division and The Sisters of Mercy. By the 1980's the Goth scene began gaining more popularity with even more bands making obscure sounds. By the mid 1980's bands like Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and The Church joined the scene.

Also during the early 1980's, the Industrial scene became recognized. Industrial used the same dark and somewhat depressing lyrics as Goth music, but instead of slow, errie music, drum machines, synthesizers and keyboards were added to make the music more upbeat although it still had a very dark atmosphere. Some of the earlier industrial bands include Coil, Ministry and Skinny Puppy. Since both music scenes give off the same feeling or atmosphere, these two scenes usually have the same listen audience.

During the late 1980's, the Gothic/Industrial scene didn't grow very much, but in the early 1990's bands like Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Cranes, Nine Inch Nails and The Tear Garden brought new life into the scene and helded to regain some of it's popularity. Today the scene is more popular then it's ever been before, with new bands joining every year, some of the bands who have joined within the last few years include Download, Delerium, Rasputina, Type O Negative and Switchblade Symphony. As long as this type of music inspires and attracts people nothing can stop it from growing.....
Now I am going to try to answer the most frequent question people ask me...WHAT IS GOTH?

Goth is an alternative subculture which is based on a certain lifestyle. This lifestyle includes music, fashion, literature, philosophy, humour etc... Goth is a form of individuality or finding "the beauty in darkness" as I like to call it. Most of us are frustrated with some part of life. Goths like things dark and mysterious. We also have a fascination with night, inky blackness and all things that are spooky and strange. The stereotypical goth thinks about death and despair a lot. The music is also full of darkness, whether it be of love, death, vampires etc... People who listen to the music don't necessarily dress in the fashion, but people who dress goth usually listens to the music!

Punk Goths.....the originals.
Victorian Goths.....Ones who were born a hundred years too late.
Vamps.....Goths who love vampires just a little too much.
Industrial Goths.....Likes both Gothic and Industrial music.
Crow Goths.....Those who think they're Brandon Lee.
Old School Goths.....Those who don't listen to anything after Bauhaus broke up.
Bitter Goths.....Fuck off and die (reading Baudelaire in a coffehaus)

The "Types of Goths" were thought of by Jen.


1.) BAUHAUS / Bela Lugosi's Dead.
.....Small Wonder (1979)
TRACKS : Bela Lugosi's Dead/Boys.
2.) SWITCHBLADE SYMPHONY / Serpentine Gallery.
.....Cleopatra (1995)
TRACKS : Bad Trash/Dissolve/Wallflowers/Wrecking Yard/Clown/Cocoon/Dollhouse/ Sweet/Gutter Glitter/Mine Eyes/Bloody Knuckles.
3.) THE CURE / Faith.
.....Elektra (1981)
TRACKS : The Holy Hour/Primary/Other Voices/All Cats are Grey/The Funeral Party/ Doubt/The Drowning Man/Faith.
4.) THE SISTERS OF MERCY / First and Last and Always.
.....Merciful (1985)
TRACKS : Black Planet/Walk Away/No Time To Cry/A Rock and A Hard Place/Mariam/First and Last and Always/Possession/Nine While Nine/Logic/Some kind of Strange.
5.) NINE INCH NAILS / Pretty Hate Machine.
.....TVT RECORDS (1989)
TRACKS : Head Like A Hole/Terrible Lie/Down in it/Sanctified/Something I Can Never Have/ Kinda I want to/Sin/That's What I Get/The Only Time/Ringfinger.
6.) SKINNY PUPPY / Mind : The Perpetual Interscope.
.....Nettwerk (1986)
TRACKS : One Time One Place/God's Gift (Maggot)/Three Blind Mice/Love/Stairs and Flowers/ Antagonism/200 Years/Dig It/Burnt with Water/Chainsaw/Stairs and Flowers (dub).
7.) BAUHAUS / Crackle.
.....Beggars Banquet (1998)
TRACKS : Double Dare/In the Flat Fields/The Passion of Lovers/ Bela Lugosi's Dead/The Sanity Assasin/She's In Parties/Silent Hedges/ Hallow Hills/Mask/Kick In the Eyes/Ziggy Stardust/Dark Entries/Terror Couple kill Colonel/Spirit/Burning from the Inside/Crowds.
8.) THE SISTERS OF MERCY / Floodland.
.....Merciful (1987)
TRACKS : Dominion-Mother Russia/Flood 1/Lucretia/1959/ This Corrosion/Flood 2/Driven Like the Snow/Neverland/Torch/Colours.
9.) TYPE O NEGATIVE / Bloody Kisses.
.....Attic/Roadrunner (1993)
TRACKS : Machine Screw/Christian Woman/Black No.1/Fay Wray Come Out and Play/Kill all the White People/ Summer Breeze/Set me on Fire/Dark Side of the Womb/We Hate Everyone/Bloody Kisses/3.0.1.F/Too Late : Frozen/Blood & Fire/ I Can't Lose You.
.....Prophet (1985)
TRACKS : Ashes/Ashes (part two)/When I Was Bed/Lament (Over the Shadows)/Face/ The Luxury of Tears/Of the Wound.
11.) DELERIUM / Karma.
.....Nettwerk (1997)
TRACKS : Enchanted/Duende/Twilight/Silence/Forgotten Worlds/ Lamentation/Euphoria (firefly)/Remembrance/Wisdom/Window of your Soul/ 'til the end of time.
12.) THE TEAR GARDEN / Tired Eyes Slowly Burning.
.....Nettwerk Records (1987)
TRACKS : Deja Vu/Room with a View/Coma/Valium/You & Me & Rainbows/Oo Ee Oo/ The Centre Bullet/Ophelia/Tear Garden/My Thorny Thorny Crown.
13.) MINISTRY / Twitch.
.....Sire (1986)
TRACKS : Just Like You/We Believe/All Day (remix)/The Angel/ Over the Shoulder/My Possession/Where you at Now?/Crash and Burn/Twitch/ Over the Shoulder (version 2)/Isle of man.

Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins*, Dead Can Dance*, Love and Rockets, Peter Murphy.

Christian Death, The Damned, Electric Hellfire Club, Lether Strip, Razed In Black, Switchblade Symphony.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Nine Inch Nails, Prick, Rammstein.

An April March, Ariel, Belt, Parade, Roger O'Donnell.

cEvin Key, Delerium, Dead Vocies on Air, Download, Front 242*, Skinny Puppy, The Tear Garden.

Delerium*, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Type O Negative.

Coil, Current 93, Death In June, Edward Ka-spel, Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse with Wound.

1000 Homo Djs, Doubting Thomas, Gravity Kills, KMFDM, Ministry*, Nine Inch Nails*, Sister Machine Gun.

* means no longer with the company.