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This section is in memory of the following artists.

(1964 - April 1, 1998)

Rozz Williams is best remembered for his time spent as the lead vocalist of the legendary goth band CHRISTIAN DEATH, who formed in 1981 and made a path for future goth bands. Rozz later left CHRISITAN DEATH and went on to have a very sucessful solo career until his death.

Dwayne Rudolph GOTTEL
(February 1, 1964 - August 23, 1995)

D.R. Gottel is mostly remembered as the Keyboardist for SKINNY PUPPY. He joined the band in 1984 and stayed with them until his death. While his time with SKINNY PUPPY, he also worked with other industrial bands such as THE TEAR GARDEN and DOWNLOAD.

(1958 - 1981)

Ian Curtis, the soul of a legendary band JOY DIVISION, committed suicide 18 years ago (age 23) for unknown reason when he and his band were at their peak both in art and popularity. What kind of person he was? It is possible that some clues can be found in his songs (melody, muscial arrangement and lyric) and the way he presented them (voice, tone and sensibilities).