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Hi there!

Some of you may know me by auntmemmie or lil-typomonster

I went on line a little over a year ago, for two reasons. 1st) I hurt both my ankles so getting out and about became difficult. 2nd) I got a Webtv to watch an on line interview with James Morrison of "Space: Above and Beyond." Who knew about JAVAScript. Well I didn't and missed the interview.
Well that was two years ago and now I start from scratch on a computer. BTW I still don't know JAVA
But I did find Talkcity Chat and new friends. I have met some great people. Sure I have heard the horror stories. But I believe there are more nice people who are on line like me for good reasons, not bad. So far I have had very good luck.Besides I didn't go on line to find Mr. Cyber-right. So I have had time to find some really good friends.

I love SciFi, even bad scifi. I listen to all kinds of music Opera to Opery. I paint, once I figure out how to transload it I'll put up some of my paintings up. I have also recently picked up writing. Please return to the homepage and read my story "Solid Ground" fan fiction based on the above mentioned Space: Above and Beyond. I'm not used to this talking about myself so here's the basics stuff

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite song: "Forever Autumn" Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues

Favorite place: In bed on a sunny, cool spring morning with the windows open.

Favorite Painting Era/Style: Hudson Valley School

Favorite book: The Nonexistent Knight by Italo Calvino

Favorite food: Chocolate (Yes it is a food!)

Favorite Movie: Lady Hawk

Favorite T.V. series: Space: Above and Beyond (explains the web page?)

Favorite past time: sketching, paiting, trying to conquer the computer

Favorite holiday: Christmas

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