General Scifi Knowledge

1) James Whitmore and James Arnes fought "THEM". Who was Them?
A) Giant Pods
B) Giant Lobsters
C) Giant Ants

2) The Rock group "Duran Duran" got there name from what movie?
A) Watership Down
B) Barefoot in the Park
C) Barbarella

3) On "Lost in Space" what was the name of the robot?
A) B-9
B) Robbie
C) k-9

4) Luke Skywalker was from what Galaxy?
A) Milkyway
B) Caroway
C) Far Far Away

5) In "Preditor" what didn't Jessie "the Body" Ventura have time to do?
A) to shave
B) to bleed
C) run for govenor

6) How many times can a Time Lord regenerate before they die?
A) 6
B) 9
C) 12

7) What killed the Martians in the Book and movie "War of the Worlds?
A) The Bacteria
B) Sunlight
C) The Marines

8) In Blade how did Wesley Snipes character become a "Daywalker"?
A) His mother was bitten while pregant
B) He was only bitten once
C) A gypsy curse

9) In the "Body Snatchers" what happened when you went to sleep ?
A) Alien pods take over your body
B) You sleep
C) The Aliens invaded your dreams

10) What happened to Babylon #4 ?
A) It was destroyed
B) It was taken bac in time
C) It was decommisioned

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