"The Night Creature of Lindheim - by Boba_Fett"

The Night Creature of Lindheim

by Boba_Fett_42. 10/6/2000

This story takes place about 250 years ago near a German town named Lindheim. Lindheim has been associated in the past with various things that could not be explained at the time they happened, such as the three major witch trials that took place between 1663 - 1664. The so-called witches back then may have been innocent, but this is not the case for our story.

One day a young man named Balthasar was in the woods hunting. He was told by his father to be home before it got dark, several people from the village had been disappearing and Balthasar's father didn't want the same thing to happen to his only son. Balthasar lost track of the time and didn't realize that the sun was starting to set. By the time he noticed it getting dark, he was too far into the woods to make it out before nightfall. He decided he better not disobey his father, so he started to head home. Unfortunately for Balthasar his hunt was unsuccessful and he didn't have any food to bring home to his father.

As Balthasar was nearing the edge of the woods he heard something moving behind him. He turned around but saw nothing. He didn't want to go home empty handed so he headed back deeper into the woods but found nothing. He gave up and finally headed back towards his house and heard something again. He quickly looked around but again saw nothing. Then out of nowhere something large jump on his back and knocked Balthasar to the ground, causing Balthasar to drop his gun. Balthasar managed to get out from under the creature and scurried over towards his rifle. He turned around only to see the scariest thing he had ever seen in his life. This large creature was a werewolf. Balthasar was so scared he couldn't move. The werewolf let out a tremendous roar then jumped at Balthasar again. The werewolf sunk its extremely sharp teeth into Balthasar's shoulder. Balthasar managed to pull the trigger on his gun, shooting the werewolf in the stomach. The werewolf ran off into the woods and Balthasar ran home as fast as he could.

When Balthasar got home he told his father about what happened and showed him where the werewolf bit him. He described the werewolf to his father as a large wolf-like creature with long claws, sharp teeth, and about 9 feet long. Balthasar's father held his son in his arms and told him that everything was ok now and that the creature was gone. His father figured that since Balthasar shot it in the stomach, it was probably dead by now anyways. Balthasar let out a sigh of relief as he wrapped his arm in a bandage.

The days passed and Balthasar didn't think much about the experience much anymore. There weren't any reports of people disappearing, and no signs of any large wolves either. Balthasar hadn't told anyone in the village about what happened, he figured it was best to not worry anyone since he thought that the wolf was dead. He was going about his daily chores when his father requested that he stop what he was doing and go to the village to get some supplies. Balthasar asked his father why he wanted him to go now, it would be dark soon and the village was 5 miles from their house. His father replied that he needed the stuff tonight and it can't wait until tomorrow. Balthasar agreed to go since he didn't have much choice.

By the time Balthasar neared Lindheim, it was almost dark and the moon was starting to come out. Balthasar began to feel sick and sat down on the ground. He had a very bad pain in his stomach but didn't know why. His legs began to hurt, and then slowly the rest of his muscles began to hurt. He looked at his hands and saw hair growing on them right before his eyes. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and was very scared. His skin started to hurt and rip apart. Blood began to run down his arm, and Balthasar let out a loud scream, not in horror from what was happening, but in extreme pain. Balthasar slowly transformed into a werewolf and let out an extremely loud howl.

The newly transformed Balthasar began to move towards Lindheim with a bloodthirsty look in his eye. He sat near the edge of the village and watched a woman gathering the clothes that she had outside drying. He began to move slowly towards her at first, and then he ran at her. Before she even heard him running towards her, he was on top of her, breathing his hot breath on the back of her neck, snarling and growling, sinking his claws deep into her back. She screamed, but only for a second, Balthasar had already sunk his teeth all of the way through her neck, leaving her head barely attached to her body.

The woman's husband heard the short scream and went outside to see what was going on, what he saw horrified him. He ran inside to get his gun. By the time he got back Balthasar was gone, or so he thought. The man went outside and saw the blood stained grass and the mangled body of his wife. He was about to go warn the rest of the people in the village when Balthasar ran up right in front of the man. He lunged at the man's throat, ripping the man's head off. Balthasar let out an earth-shaking howl and headed farther into the village, not satisfied with the rampage he had caused already.

A man named Hans who had just gotten home from a hunting trip came past the house of the two people that had just been killed. He saw their bodies laying on the ground, or what was left of them. He wondered what had happened here, what could have done such a terrible thing. He searched around the bodies and saw some large paw prints. Being and experience hunter, Hans knew these were wolf tracks. What Hans couldn't figure out was why a wolf would do this to people.

When Hans reached the middle of the village near his house, he saw more bodies, more mangled and severely torn blood stained bodies. He had his gun ready to shoot whatever had been doing this to the people of his village. As he walked through the village he found more and more dead bodies everywhere. He saw bodies in the trees, on top of roofs, smashed through walls, bodies just literally every place he looked. It was a nightmare, and Hans decided he wasn't going to stick around any long to find out what did this. He started to run away from the village and then he saw it, he saw what had been killing all of those people. Hans saw a werewolf with a fresh victim in its mouth.

Hans aimed his gun at the creature and fired it, shooting Balthasar in the side. Balthasar dropped the poor man that was in his mouth and turned towards Hans. He growled at Hans and let out a hideous bloodcurdling howl. Hans could see the wolf's blood stained teeth from 100 feet away in the dark. Balthasar's eye glowed a reddish glow as he walked towards Hans. Hans backed up, not wanting the werewolf to get too close to him. He shot at the wolf again, this time hitting it right in the face. Balthasar let out another tremendous howl and ran towards Hans. Hans turned the other direction and ran as fast as he could. He opened the door of a house and locked it, the proceeded to move furniture and anything he could in front of the door and the windows. All of a sudden Hans heard the wolf banging against the door, banging against it so hard the door began to crack. Hans was extremely scared and didn't know what he could do to stop this beast. Then it got quiet, the wolf stopped pounding on the door. Hans was hoping that the wolf gave up, too bad Hans hoped wrong. Hans heard another noise, but couldn't tell where it was coming from. Then the roof caved in, and Balthasar jumped down into the house. Hans backed up towards the fireplace and tried to shoot the wolf again, but Hans was out of bullets. Hans got a log from the fireplace and threw the burning log at Balthasar, causing his fur to catch on fire. This however didn't stop the blood hungry werewolf. The massive ball of fire leaped at Hans, causing Hans to be burned from the flames. Balthasar ripped and tore away at Han's skin slowly, letting the blood ooze out all over the floor. Then he ripped the arm off of Hans and walked away.

The next day Balthasar woke up in his bed, not knowing what happened last night. He thought it was quite odd that he was naked and wondered where his clothes were at. Then he sat up and saw his father's head resting at the foot of his bed. Balthasar screamed, then he fainted.

The End

by Boba_Fett_42. 10/6/2000 Comments

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