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*Proper head, eye, and foot protection required beyond this point*

HELLO, and WELCOME to my homepage. You can call me crazy, you can call me weird, but MOST call me Rich!! I even have one girl call me "Nerdboy"(you know who you are), but I still can't figure out why?! HA!! I hope that you enjoy your visit to my page. I'm still in the process of learning what the heck I'm doing here, so please feel free to stop by anytime and see my progress, and while you're here, PLEASE sign my guestbook(that didn't sound too desperate did it?). Well I'll finish this off, so you can get on with the rest of my page. Hope you like it, and I hope that you'll stop by and visit again with me. THANKS!!! I do have ICQ, so if ya want it, e-mail me=)

WOO HOO!! You are the
person to visit since....well I won't put the date so you won't be able to tell how many visitors I average a day. Cause that would be embarassing if I averaged...oh lets a day or another relatively small number.

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I would like to give GREAT thanks to KIM D., and BRAD B. for ALL of the help that they have given me on my h-page!! I REALLY appreciate it!! Thanks Kim!! Thanks Brad!!

Last updated: April 8th, 1999