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The Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) comes under Qatar's Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture. CGIS started functioning from January, 1990.

CGIS was started by His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Bin Khalid Al-Thani, who is known as Father of GIS in Qatar. Mr Zul Jiwani was the first Head of CGIS.

Mr Ali Moh'd Al-Sulaiti is the present Head of CGIS

In CGIS there are four departments. Mapping & Positioning Services, Technology & Development Services, Systems Services, & Administrative Services.

Mr Manaf Al-Sada is the Head of Mapping & Positioning Services and Mr Moh'd Kaout Al-Merri is the Asst. Head of Mapping & Positioning Services.

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To know more about Qatar's State of the Art Technology in GIS visit the HomePage of Centre for Geographic Information Systems.

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The Centre for Geographic Information Systems
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