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R.Anantha Subramaniam
The Centre for Geographic Information Systems;
Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture;
P.O.Box : 22088;
Doha - Qatar

.Welcome to My HomePage.

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Hello ! Namaste ! Vanaakam !

I am from INDIA.

I am a native of Sivagangai, Madurai, Tamilnadu State. But I was brought up in Bombay.

I am a resident of Thane, Maharashtra State. But I live in Doha-Qatar with my family.

I am employed with The Centre for Geographic Information Systems as a GIS Analyst.

My Hobbies are to play Cricket, watch Cricket matches & Football matches on TV, Meditate, listen to Carnatic music, Hindustani Classical music, Western music, enjoy Delicious Recipes.

I am married to Revathi, who is from Jaynagar, Banglore, Karnataka State.

We have two daughters. Our First daughter's name is Parvathi and Second daughter's name is Savithri.

I Thank You for Visiting my HomePage and avail this oppurtunity to invite you to GIS in Qatar.

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Proud Indian Ring!

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