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.My Experience in Geographic Information Systems.

I am working as a GIS Analyst in the Revision & Quality Control (RQC) Section, of Mapping & Positioning Services, The Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS).

CGIS started functioning from January, 1990 with just FIVE employees. I feel Proud to be one of those Five employees to WORK & GROW with CGIS. Now CGIS has more than hundred family members.

It was also a Pleasure, an Education & an Experience to work under the Leadership of the First Head of The Centre for GIS, Mr Zul Jiwani. In a simple sentence, "Mr Zul Jiwani was an Institution" to me.

I have been working in the field of GIS, using ESRI's ArcInfo for last ten years. Before joining CGIS I was working for International Digital Coordinators (IDC) in Seepz, Bombay, which was a sister company of International Data Management Ltd (IDM).

I have been using ArcInfo from Version 4 to the present Version 7.0.4. When Version 4 was used I used Tektronics Terminals to work on the graphics part. From Version 6 onwards I started using X-Windows Terminals. Right now I have a digital DEC 3000 Workstation to work. This Workstation has 64Mb RAM memory & 2Gb Hard Disk memory.

In April 1994, I was sent to Intermap Technologies Ltd, Ottawa, Canada, for Orientation/Training program in GIS, for two weeks. During my visit to Ottawa, had an oppurtunity to visit GIS Division of Ministry of Energy, Mines & Resources.

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