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This site was first conceptualized by Lance Linton. The basic idea was to have someplace where anyone could submit a piece of their writing to for free, as well as a place where one could come and always find something new to read. Another reason for this site is the fact that no one is born a great writer, it comes with practice. Critiques are another good way to learn how to write. We are always expanding and changing, but once an entry is published it will remain part of the site so the most people will enjoy it. One of the problems many writers face is the intimidation that comes with writing novel's and long stories. Once again, that was considered and the resolution came in the form of pieced together novella. Each member writes as much as they wish to, on their turn, while adding to one of the stories that exist on this site. You can stop by every week and see how each story develops.
Ring of Writers is a member-only association but becoming a member is quick and easy. We do not require any experience nor globs of personal information. The subjects are not limited but explicit language, sex or editing of other people's characters' is not permitted. All entries are screened at the webmaster's discretion.
If you would like to know more about joining the Ring of Writers, please visit our Submit Page.

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